Why This is Different

Why are We Different

We are not traditional coaching. We are not filling your email inbox with floods of automated emails. We are not sending out monthly newsletters to a mass list of people.

We are personable and one-on-one.

Couches teach today that you will not reach your financial goals with one-on-one coaching. Well, not if you take the traditional approach of working 30-minute sessions to work on surface problems.

I am not a coach to teach email marketing, building a sales funnel, or how to create dynamic video. (I’m still learning that myself.)

What we do is first build a relationship. We learn much about each other. Yes, you need to know me also. We will work very deeply together, sometimes intimately, and we need to click. You need to have the type of goals that I can help you achieve.  

In my practice, I do not follow the online numbers. Yes, I have a blog post, yes, I produce video and pod casts. But I do this for the enjoyment of creating. Not to build a huge following and be famous. I do those things out of the love of doing them and being able to share with anyone who wishes to read and follow; not to gain clients in mass numbers.

I do not build courses. I do not think that is enough for someone to achieve the life changing moments we are looking for in the intensive coaching.

If you know someone ready to see about moving into the realm of the impossible or dreams, then let them know about me. Anyone can reach me by phone, email, or contact on this site. We can have a lengthy conversation to experience what this level of coaching experience is and if this is something they desire in their life.

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