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I don’t know about you but I love reading as much as I love writing. My first two books are now available through Amazon. The great thing is that is you have Kindle Unlimited you can read my books for free. These also make great gifts to people who need life guidance and some self-love. Through my years of counseling, ministry, office work, and coaching I love to share what I have learned. Enjoy!

Currently Available :

Exceptional You: Love Yourself Edition – A Guide to Self-Healing The eBook

Exceptional You: Love Yourself Edition – A Guide to Self-Healing -The Paperback

We take a look at 9 different areas of a woman’s life that we all struggle with. We are going to look at where we are now and how to break the barriers holding us back to being our best self. Worksheets are included to jump start the thinking process. Topics included are Your Personal Time, Health & Wellness, Don’t play the Martyr, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Your spiritual life, Your business Life, Weight loss and Money management. Ask for help, and Love Your Self First. Even though these can be sensitive topics I try to keep the reading light and fun.


Anger and Sadness are Exhausting – 6 steps to healing – The eBook

Anger and Sadness are Exhausting – 6 steps to healing – The Paperback

Over the years we buildup hurt, sadness and anger. It stifles our living with joy and creates emotional pain and even illness. Learn steps to heal from the sadness and hurt in your life to create a new life of peace and joy. Through a look at 6 ways to bring your life to a place of joy and happiness.


COMING SOON – Your A+ Legal Office: For the Lawyers out there is solo and small firms. Do you have an A+ staff? If you don’t they may be losing you money. I mean thousands of dollars a year. Who is an A+ team member? How to find them, train them and hold onto them. This book comes fro years working in front office management and in the field of Law. We are not talking automation and sales funnels in this book we are looking at the people you surround yourself with to find success in the field of law and be supported to building the life you dream of.


COMING SOON – Revisiting the Laws of Attraction: Manifesting Your World in 2020 One of my favorite topics is that of manifesting your desires. Whether it is a relationship, better health or prosperity, there is always more to learn. Almost 100 years after Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich” We take a deep dive into the Universal laws, see how they work and how our learning and using them to create that which we desire has evolved over the last 100 years.