Sleepwalking Though Life

We have the intention of loving life. We want to be happy. We want to create fun, memorable experiences. What we get is one day after another that all feel just about the same. We begin to feel as if it just doesn’t make any sense. Nothing spectacular is happening. The treadmill is getting old.… Continue reading Sleepwalking Though Life

How to be Beautiful

We, as women obsess over our weight. We see on TV, movies and adds these beautiful very skinny girls. Yes, they are very pretty. Yes, they can make any outfit under a size two look great. But for most women having a figure like that is not even physically possible. Photo by Renato Abati on… Continue reading How to be Beautiful

Italian Wedding Soup

A beautiful and tasty soup packed with sausage, meatballs and kale which has a lot of nutrients. You can freeze the extra to easy grab and go lunches later. Ingredients: 4 TBSP Olive Oil1 Lb Ground Beef1/2 Lb Ground Pork8 Garlic Cloves, 4 minced and 4 chopped 1 Tsp Dried Oregano2/3 Cup Grated Parmesan2 Large… Continue reading Italian Wedding Soup

Swimsuit Season is Here

We would all love to go to the pool feeling confident, but most of us don't. Nothing is more relieving of our flaws than the swim suit. We are in the height of the heat season and many gatherings take place at water. The beach, pool, lake and rivers are flooded with people. The idea… Continue reading Swimsuit Season is Here

Put on Those Walking Shoes

Put on Those Walking Shoes Last week’s article, “Body Mobility,” talked about stretching. I gave you a few ideas to help get you started. Do you feel a little better? More flexible? Less stressed? Gaining flexibility by stretching is easy to do, increasing in small increments and moving to different areas of the body. Each… Continue reading Put on Those Walking Shoes

Saturday: Health and Wellness

Photo by on I have been talking a lot lately about healthy eating and weight loss. If you go out in public and look around you see this is a serious issue. I do not want to be a health crisis statistic so I am taking control of this in my life. I… Continue reading Saturday: Health and Wellness

A Holistic Focus

Photo by Pixabay on I am taking a more structured approach to my web site and blog posts. I hope you will walk this path with me. Holistic life coaching focuses on the whole person. I am devoting each day of the week to a specific area. Follow me for inspiration, healing and motivations.… Continue reading A Holistic Focus

Push Forward, Get Results.

The difference between knowing and becoming is doing."Darren Hardy" So many ambitions people have a similar stumbling block. It does not matter if it is your new business idea or your goals to better yourself personally. Do you want to know how to be successful at ANY endeavor? Begin doing action steps. Feel like you… Continue reading Push Forward, Get Results.