Why are We so Sad and Lonely?

We put on a good face when at work, with our family and with our friends. But the reality is we walk around with a void tearing at our hearts. Even when people surround us, we feel very lonely. We may even cry in private. Sad and Lonely is not how we ever imagined life… Continue reading Why are We so Sad and Lonely?

Sleepwalking Though Life

We have the intention of loving life. We want to be happy. We want to create fun, memorable experiences. What we get is one day after another that all feel just about the same. We begin to feel as if it just doesn’t make any sense. Nothing spectacular is happening. The treadmill is getting old.… Continue reading Sleepwalking Though Life

Gremlins – The Negative Inner Voice

We have two inner voices. Remember the old cartoon where the devil would sit on one shoulder and the angel on the other? That is how it often feels. The good inner voice is our intuition. A powerful yet quiet inner voice that helps guide and direct us to make decisions. I know every time… Continue reading Gremlins – The Negative Inner Voice

Being More Productive

Monday's Business You get eight hours a day but have twelve hours’ worth of work. How do you manage to get everything completed without burning out? You committed to giving it your all when you started, or when you started your business. How to you stretch the time? You don't. You work smarter and more… Continue reading Being More Productive

A Path to Healing

Today, I am taking a little break from my usual posts. On Monday we discuss business, and I will get to that in a little while. What I would like to do is introduce you to the new book I just published. I am proud of it, and I am excited that those who read… Continue reading A Path to Healing

Forgive Yourself

We are beginning week three of “Anger and Sadness are Exhausting.” The first week we talked about six steps to healing, and the next seven weeks, we are breaking down each topic.   Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com Stop Living in the PastForgive YourselfForgive OthersCreate a Future You Can Believe InWhere is God?Be a… Continue reading Forgive Yourself

Anger and Sadness are Exhausting

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com As years go by we interact with people and have experiences that builds up hurt, anger and guilt. You can feel yourself losing trust in people, feeling resentful and angry that life has not treated you fairly. Over time you see this effect your relationships, your work life,… Continue reading Anger and Sadness are Exhausting