Sleepwalking Though Life

We have the intention of loving life. We want to be happy. We want to create fun, memorable experiences. What we get is one day after another that all feel just about the same. We begin to feel as if it just doesn’t make any sense. Nothing spectacular is happening. The treadmill is getting old.… Continue reading Sleepwalking Though Life

Swimsuit Season is Here

We would all love to go to the pool feeling confident, but most of us don't. Nothing is more relieving of our flaws than the swim suit. We are in the height of the heat season and many gatherings take place at water. The beach, pool, lake and rivers are flooded with people. The idea… Continue reading Swimsuit Season is Here

Body Mobility

Our bodies need movement, flexibility, and even the dreaded exercise. I live in SE, Texas, and right now the “Feel like” temperature is over 100 degrees. When it comes to exercise, it is hard to get motivated. Photo by Thiago on If exercise is not a regular part of your life, I will suggest… Continue reading Body Mobility

Friends are so Important

Photo by on At the law firm, we used to joke… “who has time for a social life?” We do after all classify our friend as part of our social life. Eventually, as life gets busy, the friendships get pushed down the priority ladder. But Ladies, we need our girlfriends. They are a… Continue reading Friends are so Important

A Holistic Focus

Photo by Pixabay on I am taking a more structured approach to my web site and blog posts. I hope you will walk this path with me. Holistic life coaching focuses on the whole person. I am devoting each day of the week to a specific area. Follow me for inspiration, healing and motivations.… Continue reading A Holistic Focus