Who is Your Best Friend?

Who do you spend the most time with? Thank you so much for tuning in. I’m putting this in video format, but I am also writing it out for those who don’t want to sit through the video but enjoy reading. It will not be word-for-word, but it is the same content. Today’s world can… Continue reading Who is Your Best Friend?

Forgive Yourself

We are beginning week three of “Anger and Sadness are Exhausting.” The first week we talked about six steps to healing, and the next seven weeks, we are breaking down each topic.   Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com Stop Living in the PastForgive YourselfForgive OthersCreate a Future You Can Believe InWhere is God?Be a… Continue reading Forgive Yourself

Your GOD Connection

Today's society seems to have two extremes. The very spiritual and the not at all.  What we need is a health balance. I have said before; I’m not trying to convert anyone to a specific belief system. I want to see people have peace and fulfillment in their lives. The spiritual side of life is… Continue reading Your GOD Connection

Anger and Sadness are Exhausting

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com As years go by we interact with people and have experiences that builds up hurt, anger and guilt. You can feel yourself losing trust in people, feeling resentful and angry that life has not treated you fairly. Over time you see this effect your relationships, your work life,… Continue reading Anger and Sadness are Exhausting