My Coaching Style

My coaching style is just me. I bring my personality, honesty, skills, experience, and hopefully humor to each session

The most important part of my coaching is that I am there for you 100%. I don’t build up my roster so full that I am not focusing 100% on you and your goals.

People often ask, “What is your format or template for coaching.” I don’t have one. Each client is different. Their needs are different. Their personalities are different. We together will create the dynamic coaching experience that is just right for you.

What a coaching session will look like.:

I block out two hours. Why? Because we need enough time to relax, get past the formalities and get to know each other some. We will do deep work together so we need to get to that place. I come to you fully present and prepared to listen and focus on the deeper words beneath the words. We are looking for a mindest change and transformation, this takes time.

Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes we will need to get together again to go further. You will have a conversation you will remember for the rest of your life. You may need to go into your space and really let what you discovered settle and become a plan of action. Then we can get together to go yet deeper.

This is a very exciting experience. We can meet face-to-face, over the phone or through zoom video.

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