Exceptional You Products

Scroll all the way to the bottom. There is a book, a work book and several T-shirts now to show how proud you are of BEING EXCEPTIONAL.

The newest course. This is a self-guided 6-day course to help you look through different areas of your life to find what is in the way to your happiness. Transform your life and your thinking about yourself. Learn to like and even love yourself again

Get un-stuck and create new vision and passions in your life.

The best personal investment you will make this year.

I am so excited to be sharing all of this with you.

Let’s walk down the path to Exceptional YOU….and me together Exceptional YOU Love Yourself Edition. Is availability in Paperback and EBook. I had a great time writing this and cannot wait to share it with you. Topics Covered are:

  • Your Personal Time
  • Health & Wellness
  • Don’t Play the Martyr
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Ask for Help
  • Love Yourself First.
  • Money Management
  • Your spiritual balance
  • My personal weight loss journey

Paperback $19.95

The Love Yourself Edition Workbook is the companion to the Book and EBook. This is just the worksheets, which are also included in the book. These are to jump start your thinking and get you moving in the direction of reaching your goals, having a healthier outlook and moving forward to where you want to be. Contains through provoking worksheets, Subject specific journal pages and recipes.

Available for only $3.99

Weight loss and Wonder Online class – 8-week intensive to set goals, remove what is blocking you, have personal guidance, achieve a dream come true. We look at health and wellness, new eating habits, as well as finding a whole life balance through out. A successful program to feel great about yourself and feel exceptional. Would like to sleep better? Feel better? Feel more confident, see a rise in your metabolism. Take the 8-week weight loss and wonder challenge. I lost 30 lbs in 6 months and have never felt better. Great food, you don’t have to feel hungry or starve yourself.

New June class opening. Only 25 spots left. Please contact me to get signed up before the spots fill up. $299.00 Claim your spot now before it fills up. I can wait.