New Podcasts

I am so excited to announce we now have a Podcast. I came across a platform called that make creating and distributing podcasts very easy. I am really excited about the upcoming episodes of learning, entertaining, hosting great guest and fun interviews. Check it out now with or Spotify

Are You a Genuine Person?

12 Traits of genuine people. We all like to think that we are authentic and genuine but are we really? What are some of the unique traits of these people? Do you share these traits, and can you develop them if you don’t? A genuine person is the type of person people love to be… Continue reading Are You a Genuine Person?

Sleepwalking Though Life

We have the intention of loving life. We want to be happy. We want to create fun, memorable experiences. What we get is one day after another that all feel just about the same. We begin to feel as if it just doesn’t make any sense. Nothing spectacular is happening. The treadmill is getting old.… Continue reading Sleepwalking Though Life

Sad and Lonely?

How to get out of those feeling. Sadness and loneliness are such disheartening feelings. These emotions leave you feeling empty like there is a void inside. The physical manifestations are also not very good. What do you do to fill up? Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Eat when not hungrySleep moreSleep lessWatch countless hours… Continue reading Sad and Lonely?

Peaceful Sunday

If you look out the window it is a perfect day. Blue skies, light clouds, and of course from inside it is 73 degrees. Not at all what it feels like outside. Humid, hot. This is Houston after all. I love Sunday morning because everything is so quiet. This gives me time to sit on… Continue reading Peaceful Sunday

The Happy Football Widow

Football season is only a couple of weeks away. What that means for me is that four days a week I'll not be able to use the TV nor will I have fulfilling conversations with my husband. It had just occurred to me the other day that I am looking at approximately 5 months of… Continue reading The Happy Football Widow

Being More Productive

Monday's Business You get eight hours a day but have twelve hours’ worth of work. How do you manage to get everything completed without burning out? You committed to giving it your all when you started, or when you started your business. How to you stretch the time? You don't. You work smarter and more… Continue reading Being More Productive