Sad and Lonely?

How to get out of those feeling. Sadness and loneliness are such disheartening feelings. These emotions leave you feeling empty like there is a void inside. The physical manifestations are also not very good. What do you do to fill up? Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Eat when not hungrySleep moreSleep lessWatch countless hours …

Weight loss and wonder

I have spent my whole life struggling with my weight. Everything from being heavier that I ever thought I would be, to being anorexic. I finally found how to make a healthy change without drugs or expensive diet plans. Healthy eating and lifestyle change. Good food and not starving.

A Great Return

I have been away for a little while, so I haven't been posting. I'm sorry to those who read my posts. I enjoy writing and sharing. I have been working on two different books. Being an author is not easy work, but when you write about your passions it is a fun endeavor. One book …

Helping millions If you wanted to impact the live of a million people, for good, that is still such a small percentage of the population, I wish I could impact a billion. Love you all