Sad and Lonely?

How to get out of those feeling. Sadness and loneliness are such disheartening feelings. These emotions leave you feeling empty like there is a void inside. The physical manifestations are also not very good. What do you do to fill up? Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Eat when not hungrySleep moreSleep lessWatch countless hours …

Weight loss and wonder

I have spent my whole life struggling with my weight. Everything from being heavier that I ever thought I would be, to being anorexic. I finally found how to make a healthy change without drugs or expensive diet plans. Healthy eating and lifestyle change. Good food and not starving.

Life is Meant to be Fun

People have accused me from time to time of being too serious. That is just when I get in my thinking, contemplative mode. I like to think of myself …Life is Meant to be Fun

Be the Best of You

Many of us say we want to be the best version of ourselves, but then we let the world or life get in the way, and we just do not do what we should to…Be the Best of You

Dreams Do Come True

Anyone who has read my articles knows I am about transforming life, manifesting, and dreams realized. I write about these things because I have witnessed firsthand that we can be, do, and have our desires. I also understand that words do not teach, experience teaches. Words do guide, inspire, and help lead to inspirations so …


A thorough or drastic change in form, appearance, or character. We tend to live habitual lives. We go through similar days, weeks, months, and even years. They slowly shift and change. We may look back over a decade and detect alterations in our lives. Transformation speaks of a rapid change, and often there is a …