Peaceful Sunday

If you look out the window it is a perfect day. Blue skies, light clouds, and of course from inside it is 73 degrees. Not at all what it feels like outside. Humid, hot. This is Houston after all. I love Sunday morning because everything is so quiet. This gives me time to sit on… Continue reading Peaceful Sunday

The Happy Football Widow

Football season is only a couple of weeks away. What that means for me is that four days a week I'll not be able to use the TV nor will I have fulfilling conversations with my husband. It had just occurred to me the other day that I am looking at approximately 5 months of… Continue reading The Happy Football Widow

Finding GOD on the Back of a Harley

Everyone seeking a balance in their life also needs to be grounded in their spiritual life. Without a connection to God, you experience a void. You may be fulfilled in all other areas of life, but are not connected spiritually, you can feel as if something is missing because it is. Most of my life,… Continue reading Finding GOD on the Back of a Harley