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The world is drastically changing wouldn’t you agree? But with change comes opportunity. Maybe you lost your job. You may have found a new one, but the pay is lower. It isn’t really what you want to be doing. I understand I have been there more than once.

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You see online and in the news that we’re turning more and more in two directions. IT and service based industries. You see all of the posts of today’s entrepreneurs making six and seven-figure incomes and you want some of that. who doesn’t? Monthly, new millionaires are being created you can be one of them as well.

As you look around you see people doing all kinds of amazing work that is getting them out of debt, creating followers online, and establishing themselves as experts in their field. But how?

How do you make the leap from working for someone else to being successful yourself?

Or maybe you’re a little further along and you have tried doing what others did but you ended up spending more than you made?

Where did you go wrong? How did they do it and not you? Are they smarter? More experienced? Have more luck than you?

Probably not!

The biggest mistake many hopeful entrepreneurs make is trying to mimic what someone else has done. You can learn from others but you are not them, you have to be you.

Many programs you sign up for go into details of how to market yourself on various platforms, but they skip over the basics of what you are marketing. Do you even know or are you trying to do what they did?

What they are doing is not who you are or what you are good at. You may think that if you take enough courses you will find your way by doing exactly what they did. You may discover what you are good at by trial and error, but that takes a lot of time and money. It can be a long and expensive road.

I know it was a road I once traveled, and do you know what? It led me way off base. I finally found out that I already had what I needed. The knowledge, experience, and the audience just waiting for me to discover my path.

I was also attempting to build a house without a foundation.

Here is what I want from you …

I want you to discover what is uniquely yours.

Define the best way to share it with those who need it.

To develop your niche and attract the right people.

To put yourself out there as an expert at what you do because you are an expert at what you do.

You will build your solid foundation so you can begin generating profits. We will also learn what is what it truly takes to be an entrepreneur.

How to organize your life so you can “work to live, not live to work. “

To know when to ask for help, hire staff, and when to do the work yourself.

I am very honest in my approach. I am not going to blow fluff  your way.

Over my whole life I have been building businesses, selling them, and then I building another. I have had great successes and a few colossal fails.

Over the years I have learned to see opportunities where others only see challenges. To create a message people need and want to hear. I have also gone from living in the red to owning a home, dream car, and having money in the bank and enjoying life

If you are ready to do something that works contact me.

If you are envisioning your life different than it currently is let’s get started.

If you want to step outside of the pack and forge your own way sign up now.

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Everyone is an expert at something. Everyone has something to share. Everyone already has the knowledge they need to create a successful business. What they don’t have is the map that leads the way.

Many coaches and consultants will show you how to market your business how to speak to your niche audience. How to make 6 to 7 figures a year. but what they are missing is how to begin. How to discover what you’re an expert at. How to become an expert in your topic of choice and find your correct audience.

After you’ve discovered who you are, what you have to share, and who to share it to, a foundation has been laid. Now it’s time to take the steps to build your message, discover  where your audience is, how to reach your audience and turn them into paying clients.

If this is something that excites you, that resonates with you then contact me.

let’s set that foundation in place.

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