Having a Perfect Day

Today I am writing to the entrepreneurs. Nowadays that is most people. Even those who have the 9-5 job are still looking for ways to generate more money, or to build their empire to be able to leave the 9-5. Really, in today’s economy and workforce, this is just about everyone. The thing about this self-started mindset is that we can be very hard on ourselves. We set so many goals, and make so many lists that we can get overwhelmed to the point of immobility. Let’s see if we can get the forward momentum going here.

I have been a serial entrepreneur my whole life. I have been working for over 30 years. I have had failures and I have had successes that I finally sold to go to my next endeavor. I am telling you this, so you know I have some experience here. I am currently in this work stage again. It was fun working for someone else for a while. To let another worry about worker’s comp, payroll, and taxes. But as an ambitious self-employed, success-driven person that just does not satisfy for long.

The problem with people like me is that if the day ends and I do not feel I accomplished enough I can be hard on myself. Can you relate to that? So, the tendency is to put so much on your to-do list that you feel busy, you even look busy. Busy is not the key though. Productive is the key. Busy is just filling the hours. Anyone can do that, and chances are you are not seeing the results you want.

So how to be more productive and less busy.

Make what you do be what counts.

On Sunday I take a piece of paper and write everything I think I should do this week and write it down. Then I take this list and find the top three priorities and write them on another piece of paper. I throw away the first list.

As a business owner here is the number one priority to look at.

What activity will bring you the most new clients?

What activity is going to make you money? Sooner and not later?

What can you delegate out to someone else?

Building a dream takes a lot of work. You may be asking me, “if I only focus on three things this week, how am I going to make money?” You are focusing on the three biggest income-producing activities. Chances are it is not spending three hours a day scrolling through Facebook and LinkedIn. Things that will make you money. Having conversations with potential clients. Outreach that will bring in those phone calls and providing a product people are going to want to buy.

I’ll give an example:

This week my three top priorities are completing my book, reaching out to inquiries, and generating new inquiries. Having a focus will allow you to get to the end of your day and be able to say to yourself that “Today was a perfect day.”

Right now, if you are working for yourself, it is easy to find time to goof off. Would you be doing what you are doing if you were working in an office where you boss can walk in at any time?

I know since I started working from home, my husband will stick his head in and ask if I can go to the store. “Sorry, Hun, I’m working.” I know there is a certain amount that I want to accomplish every day. I know that every contact I have can be a potential client. I know that I do not want to waste my time, I want to have dinner with my family.

What I do is help other entrepreneurs like myself have a focus so they can succeed. I have people look outside the box when they feel stuck. This is also what my coach does for me. Everyone needs a coach. You can only go it alone for so long before you find you need help. Someone in your corner who will motivate you and hold you accountable.

The investment you make in yourself will be more valuable than all the online courses you purchase, the seminars you attend, and all the hours you spend struggling to figure things out.

If you are ready to have a conversation, let’s see how we can get you focused on your goals and your life. Didn’t you begin this path so you could have more time to do what you want to? If you have not reached that goal, then you do need help. I get all my work done and still have plenty of playtimes left. Do you?

Let’s have a conversation about your dreams, where you are now, and how we can get you moving in the right direction. Your only limitation in life is the limit of your imagination.

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