Dreams Do not Happen on Their Own

Everyone has a dream or a vision of something bigger, something better. The sad part is that most people remain in the state of just dreaming. They do not take that first step, then the second, and third. It is so much easier to stay with the familiar. Even when it is sad, stuck, lacking, or depressing. When the present holds little joy it is comfortable and familiar. When you live day in and day out in this fashion, you know what to expect. Even if you do not like it, you stay right there because there are very few surprises.

I speculate that maybe 10% of people choose the disruption of following a dream. Maybe 1% have the strength and tenacity to succeed.

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The first step is to leap out of the 90% who just want to be comfortably unhappy, into the 10% who pursue their dreams. The leap after that is becoming a part of the 1% who succeed.

Change is disruptive. Change is scary. Change is essential for growth. When you begin to see change, initially you are excited. But, when something challenges you, it is easy to fall back into the familiar inaction. This is when you pull up your passion. You do not look back. You do not look at what you want to accomplish, you look at why you want to accomplish it. No one else is going to tell you to get up today and work a little more on your dreams. You must find that drive within yourself, to put on your shoes and run that extra mile. Even or especially when you do not feel like it.

The people you live with, those you work with, and your friends are not going to be the ones who say, go out there and do it. They will hand you the TV remote and say, “It okay to take the day off.”

Dreams do not wait, and they do not build themselves. You must take action every day to further yourself and hold on to a momentum.

You must find the right people to cheer you, but even more important is that they will give you a little push when you do not feel up to pushing yourself. You need a coach that will say run one more block when you feel unmotivated or spent. You need to have in your corner, someone who has walked this road before you. They say, “just make it one more block, write one more article, make one more sales call.”

Every successful person has a coach. Athletes, musicians, artists, actors, CEO’s, and business leaders. Those who reach success have someone whom they are accountable too to take that step when they do not feel motivated, when the path seems challenging. A coach will not let you lose your momentum.

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People that invest in themselves have a stronger commitment to pursue their dreams. If you want to step from the 90% to the 10%, you must invest in your success. If you want to be the 1% who break through the success barrier, you must invest in yourself.

Take action every day. The one day you do not may set you back six months. The day you do not do anything may be your day of breaking through and now you have missed a crucial opportunity. Why risk that loss.

Take the time to pull someone into your corner of the ring that is going to call out that last bit of strength when you do not feel it. It is not your friends and family. They will be the first to say, “Go ahead and take a day off, you deserve it.” You need someone who says, ‘just a little bit more, just a little further.”

We all need that type of guidance. Your coach will pull you into the 10% and help you map out the path to the 1% They will also, be there in the background applauding you when you are on the podium receiving your gold medal.

Let’s have a conversation about your dreams. Together let us pull you out of the unsatisfying familiar and into the 10% of people who step into their greatness and map out the path to your gold medal, your success.

Schedule a phone conversation with me where we can begin mapping out a strategy and begin drawing your map. Let this be the one, most important step to take today. Do not let the day end where you are looking in the mirror and say to yourself, “I should have done more. “

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