A thorough or drastic change in form, appearance, or character.

We tend to live habitual lives. We go through similar days, weeks, months, and even years. They slowly shift and change. We may look back over a decade and detect alterations in our lives.

Transformation speaks of a rapid change, and often there is a catalyst such as trauma from an outside source, a job loss, a death, a sudden separation from a loved one, or an accident. Most transforming events in life are sudden, jarring, and even traumatic. The event changes how we see our self, how we view the world, and how we relate to others. Change such as this is the transformation most are familiar with.

In my practice of Transformational Living, I seek to have a controlled transformation. I am learning and practicing the catalyst of conscious change. Not to be forced to change suddenly by the world around me. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I no longer wanted to be broke and broken. I would not say I liked that my self-definition was that of a beaten-down victim.

I needed transformation on my terms. I needed to create my life to the one I always knew God envisioned for me. I felt by living in the flow of life as I was, I was falling far short of who I was created to be. Life is meant to be bigger, one with an impact that brings hope and healing in its wake.

Change, true positive change, comes not by living in your past, and not even your present. It is expanding into the vision of your future. You cannot create your present reality; It is already here. You can only create what you want next.

I spent the first forty years of my life trying to do things the way the world had taught me I was supposed to do it. That was a disaster. One heartbreak after another. A life of hurt, disappointment, hunger, abuse, until I finally had enough.

I was so low in my brokenness the only place I could go was up. It was time for my transformation, this time on my terms. Instead of looking for love and approval in all the wrong places, struggling to make it by barely, I decided to go inside and look for the qualities I desired. I craved peace, contentment, and some semblance of joy in my life. That sounded simple enough.

I shifted from flowing with the circumstances I fell into, to a life of being deliberate. I knew this was my only chance. If I did not change the path my life was heading, I would not survive another ten years. Maybe not even the next year.

Since the day I choose to live happy, peaceful and seeking contentment, I now have a life so grand I never even imagined it could be this way. I learned to form new thoughts. I surrounded myself with quality people. I learned to dream bigger, but in small steps, I could believe. Transformation does not have to be jarring and traumatic. Change can be exciting and amazing. Life has so much to offer everyone, and it is not only for the select few.

With the events in the world today, things are changing rapidly. We are truly in a time of transformation. It is important now to be deliberate about how the events affect you. You can let the circumstances form your life, or you can choose how to flow and grow through them to be the best version of yourself.

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