Line Up with Them; Desires Do Come True

I am excited now in my life because a long-time desire to leave my day job and work full-time on my business is fully manifesting. I got a sample of what it will be like as I took a vacation week off. I will get one more in about two weeks. We must use them up before our law firm closes and by boss retires at the end of June.

Now, I will get to do more of where my passion resides. I will be completing my book, writing more articles for my website, and I will finally be able to work on the videos and podcasts. So, out comes the schedule to break days down to their most productive. Along with this, I will now have more hours to conveniently schedule my coaching clients and expand the Joy quest group to twice a week.

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As you can tell, everything I do with and for people is in alignment with the Joy Quest. Even though the bulk of my thoughts and ideas are in my upcoming book, I share excerpts and my thoughts almost daily. It will be more regular after July 1. My videos and podcasts, I am planning to release twice a week. One day will be my sharing ideas, principles and practices on Joy Quest and the second part of the week will be my speaking with other people that have ideas, questions, or relevant stories to share.

I do this because it is what I love to do—my coaching, whether individual or group, is how I make my living. Everything else, there is no charge. I do not write, make videos, and podcasts to try to hook people into signing up for something or buying my latest webinar or class. I am not one of the many internet people looking for passive income. (Let’s set up a course, you can sign up, and it runs itself, while I sit on a beach sipping a margarita, and make millions.) That is not me. You can sign up for the blog announcements, but that is for you, I do not receive a list of emails or anything like that. The only time I ask for contact information is if you are inquiring about coaching, or if you want to be a video or podcast guest. Then I need a way to contact you and discuss how we can work together.

I just share from the heart because that is what I love to do. I want to encourage and uplift people, and this is the greatest outlet I have right now.

If you would like to be a guest in my new endeavors, I would be thrilled to speak with you about it. Just go to the contact page and send me a note letting me know which format you like, Video or podcast, and what the topic of discussion might be. I am so glad that so many people enjoy what I share. I appreciate the nice comments and kind encouragement.

I wanted to share today about how, if you line up with your desires, they really can come true. I have been lining up with this new phase of my life for a while now. Pre-paving and growing in the excitement of what this can become.

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I am looking forward to the interesting people I will meet and the new friendships formed.

Thank you, everyone, for joining me in this Joy Quest. A journey that never ends, you can never get wrong, and it just keeps getter better and better.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

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