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As I write my book, I think a lot of the best way to communicate the spiritual side of ourselves. Many people have a view of God that makes them feel all twisted up. We learned of a God that judges us and not enough of a God that is ever-present love and peace. Clarification of the Universal, ever-present energy in our world and our life is important because this is an underlying theme in the Joy Quest.  

God, for many people, brings thoughts of judgment, universal energy feels too impersonal. An inner being makes you think of something that is contained within our self and does not express the connection to all that is around us. God is not the easiest aspect of our lives and our being to explain. It is a very personal relationship, and it is also a larger part of ourselves.

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I like calling it my divine self, naming it as such reminds me that there is a part of me that is so much more than my conscious mind and my analytical thinking brain. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are connected, and a part of the energy of the universe and all that is. This energy is creation, unconditional love, guidance, and so much more. I attempt to define the indescribable. It is ever-present. We talk of reconnecting, but we never lose the connection. Our minds and worlds get so noisy that we often lose the ability to hear. This Divinity within and outside of us is where we draw our joy, peace, and contentment. The more aligned we are to this inner/outer Divinity, the more we can tap into the joy and appreciation for the lives we live.

There is no judgment from Divinity. Love and judgment cannot reside in the same space. God is consistent and patient. We can receive guidance through our emotions. We can receive inspiration and even communications through meditation.

I wish to clarify the best I can because it is integral to living the Joy Quest to understand that this is not a journey you take alone. You have a constant companion in your life that wishes most for you to have joy as well as wellbeing and the desires of your heart. Divine spirit is working in the background, pulling together, energetically, the components of what you ask for in your life. The connection to spirit allows us to see that what we want is not only possible but very probable if we align and allow these things in our life. If we stop resisting and get out of our way.

God is a concept that people have made a mess. Take time to meditate and align with your divine spirit and your connection with the universal God source energy, and you will be able to open to the communication that will only give you joy. This communication that is available to everyone, not just prophets, pastors, and masters will guide you in your life to a place of worthiness, wholeness and wellbeing, joy, and satisfaction, even fun, and excitement.

Why would you want to hold onto the old ideas of a judging God when something so beautiful is readily available to each of us.

How does Divinity speak to us?

You may sit in quiet meditation and listen for a booming voice in your head. That is rarely how the communications come through. We are like radio transmitters, and our connection depends on tuning in. But unlike the bible stories of a booming voice or a burning bush, spirit does not shout at us. It often speaks to us in ideas, blocks of though that are translated by our brain, using our terminology, so it can be easy to mistake as our thoughts. It can look like a daydream or a feeling. You will over time and with practice, learn how the divine spirit communicates to you. It may be different than how I receive my communications.

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Divine spirit is infinite intelligence, eternal, and always forward-looking. Spirit is a valuable resource to have on your side. It is always speaking to you in some way. Did you ever decide to do something, but your intuition and feelings were pulling you in a different direction? You did not listen but went your own way. Later you look back at how hard it was, how disappointing or how it just did not work out, and you think, “I should have listened.” That was your divine guidance, offering advice and assistance to the path of least resistance to what you desired.

The spiritual connection is being stressed here early on that you have a divine spirit. It is the larger part of who you are. The body is too small to contain it. This spirit is large, and it is a part of the universal spirit of everything and everywhere. Joy Quest is not easy if you do not recognize that this is so. I am not in any way, shape, or form speaking about religion or religious ideas. Religions were created by man to explain these ideas initially and later changed to control or lead large groups of people. But there is nothing more personal or freeing than a clear understanding that we are never alone. There is a universal force within and without that is our constant loving companion. This spirit brings together everything we ask for and wishes nothing more for us than joy and wellbeing.

You have the freedom to disagree with me. All I ask is that you take the time to find your answer to this eternal question. Let your spirit direct you to your understanding of this all-consuming love for us each individually. Every day from the moment we wake until we fall asleep, our divine spirit is seeking ways to lead us to joyful experiences, ideas, people, places, and events. All we must do is line up, tune in to the frequency, and enjoy living the lives we have.

As we find more and more joy and being lined up with this divine spirit, more and more of those things we have asked for to come into our lives. Our divine spirit delights in our joy. The key is this, though:

We think we need to have things: money, love, health, career, etc. to be happy. As we talk about many times in Joy Quest, that is backward. As we embrace joy and satisfaction in our life’s things, begin to flow. The more we do this, the greater the momentum of seeing our desires manifest. Eventually, you will be at a place of such amazement at how easy it is you will ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

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