As we sit back and daydream about life, we see visions of laughter, health and vitality, love, clarity of thinking, and no financial restrictions: what a fun and exciting daydream.

Then we pull back and think, “Things like that don’t happen to people like me.”

Well, Dang! You just shot yourself in the foot. Yes, it does happen to people like you, and it does happen to people like me because I am not any different than you are.

Those people you watch and admire were once in the same place you are now. The magic happens when you learn to get out of your way.

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A big life of ease and freedom is our dream. We want to make impacts on people’s lives. We want to be up-lifters, encouragers and have an impact on the people we come in contact. Looking at the vision as “BIG” keeps it out of reach for us. Big makes it feel like we would need to make drastic and dynamic changes. “Big” gives us the feeling that this is something hard to achieve. The change will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

Thinking that change is hard is untrue and even somewhat backward. Everything that we desire is just a feeling away. Your feelings are your guide to the spiritual. Your spirit, being a connection to God, the Universe, the energy of all, is the creative force. This spirit is a part of us, and we are always connected.

When you feel doubt, hopelessness, or frustration, that is an indication that our thinking about something is different than spirits thinking about the same situation. You are out of alignment with how your spirit thinks about the things you want.

Thoughts are creative. When your feelings are off – you have to wonder what your thoughts are creating. Most likely, more of the same that you already have in your life.

If you shift your thinking and practice those thoughts, what you will create in your life will be transformation.  

My book, “Joy Quest,” goes in-depth on changing your thought habits, aligning your emotions, and creating a life that you want to live. I know this because I live this.

Upcoming book and 60-day journey

If you can get out of your way, that great dream can be your reality. Spirit speaks in these ways to show us our potential.

As humans, in our thinking, analytical minds try to make things happen. We put a lot of effort and hard work into trying to “Make” small changes so we can feel better about our lives and the path we are going. You may be able to see some results, though they are minuscule in comparison to lining up with your spiritual selves and letting that inner guidance lead you.

Our emotions are the guide. By finding joy, contentment, and satisfaction in our daily lives, the world opens up for us. Our desires begin to flow into our lives. The world opens up for us in new ways. Our desires begin to flow into our fives. We learn to allow them instead of making excuses as to why they do not or coming from a mindset that we do not deserve better.

Transformation is possible. We are beings meant to expand and grow, and life should be fun. Depression, loneliness, and anxiety is not our default nature. Joy and peace are. Joy quest is exciting because you begin to see a shift in the first ten days, a new vision of yourself and your world in the first thirty days, and a shift towards transformation in sixty days.

You do not have to wait for the book through. As you wake up each morning, do not let the problems and worries of yesterday be your first thoughts. Look for joy. Find satisfying things to look at and focus on. Look for little things to appreciate. Start your day on that note. Spend fifteen to twenty minutes in mediations connecting to your spirit with a quiet mind. Do not ask for anything, just a quiet mind. Just spend a few minutes being still. Afterward, think about works, such as fun and clarity.

Do this every morning, and in as little as five days, you will see a shift in your days, your thinking, and how you feel emotionally. Opportunities and inspiration will start appearing in your life. Keep tuning into your spiritual self, and you will find a new level of divine guidance

I remember the movie “Hook” with Robin Williams. Peter discovered he was a grown-up Peter Pan who had forgotten who he was and forgot that he could fly. The lost boys told him to “Think Happy Thoughts.” The concept is more true that we realize when we look at our own lives. When you focus on joy and better feeling thoughts, we can ride a higher flying disk—what a wonderful way to travel through life.

As we live with more and more joy, the world just opens up for us in unexpected and delightful ways.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

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