It Feels So Good to Be Me.

When was the last time you were able to say that about yourself? Have you ever said that about yourself? If you said it would you believe it? So many people walk around with the heavy blanket of depression hanging over them, but that is not a compelling or satisfying way to live life. And, why so unhappy? Why do you feel unworthy, lonely, or not good enough?

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Who gets to say so about you? Your parents, teachers, people you work with, your friends, or is this a belief that you have constructed for yourself? Well, Stop it! Stop it now!

What are you using as a basis for these beliefs? Your past, experience, gauging where you are in comparison with others? Not even relevant.

Let’s play a game:

If you were to wake up right this moment and you have no memory of your past, no recollection of experiences, opinions of others, or preconceived belief about yourself, who do you feel yourself to be? If all you must go on is this moment and forward, who do you imagine yourself to be?

I am sure you would feel yourself to be kind, caring of others, someone who can love. If you close your eyes and quiet your mind, can you feel that you are a creative, fun person? You are someone who can go out and just enjoy living, laughing, and having fun.

So, why don’t you just do that? Hit the reset button and become the you that you would love to be. We are more spiritual being than physical. Our spiritual being is an extension of God. We are always connected. Here is the thing about spirit, that we largely are. It is perfect, pure positive energy that is always looking forward and has nothing but love for us.

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God is the perfect creator. Why would a perfect creator make a mistake creating you? We have; every one of us, been made perfectly imperfect but never a mistake. Our imperfection is what makes us beautifully unique and a striking part of life’s tapestry.

So, hit the reset button and be the person it feels good to be. Now, the world around you will try to remind you of who you were. Or to remind you of what their idea of who you were, or who they think you should be. But they do not really know that. Only you can know who you are meant to be—no more defining yourself by the opinions of others. Only define yourself by what feels good to you.

Another thing I noticed about others when you become who you are. It seems to hold a mirror up to others where they start to question who they see themselves to be. Often, they do not like what they see. There can be some backlash from that, but you must remind yourself. That is their path, not yours. They must learn for themselves who they are to be to feel good within themselves.

In our Joy Quest, this is an important step in claiming our own joy. Our joy is not dependent on others. You have to understand that everyone is pretty far off base of the caring, loving person that you are. If you change your thinking and begin looking at your life from your own perspective and not others, you will have more and more good days.

Before you know it, a month or two later, people will begin to notice a change in you. You are happier, you walk lighter, and you stand taller. You seem more optimistic and hopeful. If they do not notice, who cares, you will notice. We are not building a life on the opinions of others anymore.

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You may ask what happens if you have a bad day or two? First off, do not beat yourself up over it. Say a co-worker said something that really upset you. In fact, it made you angry. You feel your blood boiling, and you would just like to rip her hair out. (Or something similar) You are not going to be able to slam the breaks on those emotions, any more than standing in front of a train will stop the train. It has momentum, and it needs to ride itself out, but you can choose how to react and respond to it.

Here is the thing: Once you have learned something, you cannot unlearn it. You know you are not the person you used to be, so now you can look at a situation differently. You can choose to react or not to react. You now look forward and not draw from the past.

I could say meditate and quiet your mind, but that will not happen when you are upset. You can change your focus to something that is not upsetting. That is not easy either because you are now distracted.

The best thing to do is to let the day ride itself out. Be the best you want to be in the meantime, and then you go to bed. When you sleep, the momentum stops. As you relax in bed, just appreciate things. Keep it very general and easy. Do not be specific, and do not make statements you know are not true like “I will be loving to that person tomorrow”. Just make statements that will help you feel good right now. You can wake up in the morning feeling fresh, reset, and new.

Here is how I go to sleep:

  • I love being able to lay down and relax.
  • I love my soft pillows.
  • The fan feels good and keeps the room cool.
  • The blankets help me feel warm and comfortable.
  • I love feeling my body relax into the mattress.
  • Bedtime is my favorite time of the whole day.
  • It feels good to slow down and relax.
  • I love that my dog lays right by my bed.
  • I appreciate that my body can function and sustain me while I sleep.

I have a way of waking up that sets my whole day in a positive focus. I set my alarm a little earlier, so I am not rushed and can relax into my morning.

Before I get out of bed, I start thinking:

  • It feels so good to get a whole night’s sleep.
  • I feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • I am looking forward to what fun things may happen today
  •  I am grateful for another day to experience life.

As I step out of bed: first foot, I say thank, second foot, I say you.

I make my coffee and just savor my morning before any new momentum can begin. I listen to the quiet, the birds waking up and the wind in the trees. I set the pace for my new day. Everything before this is old news. It is over. It is like that piece of gum you chewed on too long and lost all its flavor.

I set my intentions for the new day. I know I can create my reality and set my path:

  • I want to have fun today.
  • I want to have clarity.
  • I want to meet interesting people
  • I want ease and flow!
  • I want to be loving and kind.

It feels so good to be me!

Can you say that now? I believe you can. Reset, then go forth and conquer as the best version of who you want to be.

Love and Blessings
Ashley J Spurgeon

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