A Pandemic of Joy

As we sat back and watched a virus quickly circle the globe, people fell into fear, uncertainty, and despair. We saw evidence of that in the stores selling out of items that did not make any sense.

How do we turn the tide? I understand people have lost loved ones; people have lost jobs, finances are uncertain as millions have applied for unemployment, and we see oil prices dropping at the same time.

You are not alone in any of this. My husband is unemployed, and I lost my Dad on Palm Sunday. (Not COVID-19 related)

Wouldn’t be remarkable though, at this time, if instead of a virus spreading, we can spread joy? The book I was writing before this all started, and I am still writing is “Joy Quest.” I have experienced a whole new level of clarity on living joyfully during this experience. You can be satisfied, no matter what life throws at you.

We may not be able to alter what is happening globally, but we are 100% responsible for what is happening internally within us.

I am a true believer in “we can choose to be happy” or not. You can let life happen to you. That is chaotic, unpredictable, and it can be challenging to find a balance.

You can choose to create your life how you want it to be. I decided to create my life, and honestly, even with everything going on, I have a beautiful, fulfilling, and satisfying experience.

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I choose not to fear, panic, or feed into the general upset. I choose to be happy in all of the new opportunities that have opened up. I am thrilled the Earth has clearer air for a while. I am enjoying more time with my husband, son, stepdaughter, and dog. I love that my family, who is across the United States, has had more communication than usual. I am thrilled to be working from home, and not spending two hours a day in traffic. I spend that time writing my book, breathing fresh air, and watching the hummingbirds and Dragonflies play in my yard.

I only watch enough news to be informed. When talking with others, I limit the amount of conversation I have about the virus.

So, how do you have joy at a time like this? I already showed you. How do you choose to think and believe right now? I know everything is always working out for me. And It does. I think it, I believe it, and I feel it. Those are the keys to creating the reality you desire.

If you spend all your time worrying, then life brings you more things to worry over. If you find ways to be satisfied, even find joy, life will show you more joy-filled and satisfying moment.

You can focus on all the negative. It is easy to do, and we have been trained to think that way. Watch 30 minutes of TV, and you will have 50 commercials. 25 mention the pandemic, and the other 25 will convince you that you need a medication for an ailment you did not even know existed.

Or you can take a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood. You see brothers and sisters playing together. You see husband and wives getting reacquainted. Families spending time together bring such a smile to my face. You see communities helping people in need, and employees are going the extra mile.

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You do not hear as much traffic, more people are cooking on their grills, and that smells wonderful. I hear neighbors having conversations in their back yards and laughing. Is there no joy in any of this? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction?

Life can be uncertain, but how you react to life can have certainty about it. You can still find a place of ease and joy that flows. This time has helped me to better clarify my desires for communicating joy.

If more people can create space and time for joy and satisfaction in their lives, that radiates out to those around them. If enough joy radiates, then it spreads. People like to be around happy people. We could create a spread of joy that can circle the globe.

On the last note, as I close out my day, I hear distant thunder rumbling. I love the idea of going to sleep with the sound of thunder and rain against the windowpane. I know my plants are getting the water and nutrients they need, and everything is washed off.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

What comfortable and wonderful thoughts to help me drift to sleep.

When I wake, I know I will find new things to see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Waking up like that will bring me more moments of joy and satisfaction.

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