A Bad Day is Okay!

When you have a bad day, do you beat yourself up over it? Do you think that as an enlightened person, you should know better or behave better? Do you think that if your life is not constant rainbows and unicorns you must be doing something wrong? I tend to think that way at times. As a leader, speaker, teacher, and writer about finding a life filled with joy I want to let you know that it is okay to have a “not so great day.”

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As I write my book, “JOY QUEST” and as I really pour my soul into it, my dad is suffering from dementia. He has just been transferred to hospice care. As I was meditating and praying on what all of this means I realized that bad days are okay. Also, to realize that we live physical and emotional lives here on planet earth. We are not fully our spiritual counterparts. Even they have come here to experience this life as we know it, which is not always happy, nor easy. What I received in my quiet time is that no one expects us to be perfect. If we were, we would be the ones transitioning because we would have nothing else to do here. But we are on a journey. We do not have to be perfect for ourselves nor for others. We can be our human selves. That is what our spiritual selves came to experience. We are human and we can give ourselves permission to be just that. Emotional beings that do not at every moment experiencing bliss. God created us perfectly imperfect.


At the same times we are spiritual beings as well. We have that consistent eternal connection to God, the Universe, our higher selves. In times like this you do not have to be strong on your own. You can let others be strong for you, or in your place.  We can be enveloped with that love.

We are so fortunate to have an open conduit to the absolute, unconditional love and communication and guidance of our spirit or inner being.

As I think on where my dad is now, he is halfway here and halfway in the realm of spirit. Though he is here physically and he has already begun transitioning. I received a text from my stepmom today telling me that last night my dad recalled traveling and meeting a lady named Bali who lives in Australia. I know though his body is diminishing, his spirit is expanding. He is becoming free.

Yet, I grieve. The father I have always known as steadfast and strong is no longer here. I already miss him and I am not looking forward to the final news that his physical life has ended.

Grief is a selfish emotion but necessary. I spent my afternoon with his wife of 45 years. We talked about how we would love to hold onto the strong, handsome, inspiration man. The one who would pull out a guitar and soothe peoples souls with his beautiful voice singing of the love of God. He was a man who touched the lives of thousands of people with ministry, encouragement and just relaying the love that is there for each of us. The joy that is there for all.

It is okay to have a bad day. No one asks us to be perfect. No one says do not cry, be confused or frustrated over the state of what is. Just remember that spirit is always looking forward to what will be. What our possibilities are. The message is within each of us to share. How we can bring help and healing to others? My mission is that of Joy. Though I have had a life of incredible hardships, tears, and sadness, in all that is the message of joy.

As with everyone, I have had tears. I have had conflicts and I have had pain. But every step takes me closer to my joy and love. Even when things are hard, and even in my grief.

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I am so joyful, though I cry.

I am so appreciative, even in grief.

My life is expansive because I am blessed.

I want everyone to be where I am and fell the joy I feel.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

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