Feeling Good is a Good Thing

We all want to feel good and be happy. I’m not talking about waking up with no stiffness or aches and pains. I’m speaking amount emotionally and spiritually. Feeling good like that, other good things tend to follow. You may say, “How can I feel good and be happy with such craziness is going on in the world right now”? People are scared, panicked, and fearful. Yes, they are, but does that mean you must also be? You do want to feel good, feel happy, right? Well, let’s not only look at how you can amid all of the crazy but why you should.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

One day there was a funeral for a Grandpa. He was also a friend, employee, husband, and dad. He was a good man that was very loved by his friends and family. He was the man who always had a funny story to share, could make anyone feel welcome, had a kind ear for listening to people talk. Now he was gone and would be missed by many. During the gathering after the teary funeral, the adults sat around in their grief and spoke about how much they were going to miss grandpa. The kids would appear from time to time for a hug for their grandma or mom and then disappear again. If you walked through the kitchen, these kids that were a moment ago offering hugs of comfort were in the back yard playing a game of tag in their Sunday best. They are running around trying to tap the one who is it, laughing and playing as if nothing had changed. They are just kids, you may think, they don’t understand what is happening. One of the mom’s run out to stop the nonsense. You hear her telling the kids that they need to behave. Everyone is sad, and they should be unhappy also. They should be quiet and respectful, get inside, and sit down. So, we learn early in life to behave as others expect of us, as society deems appropriate.

But what do we get with sadness, fear, panic, and anxiety? We are not helping anyone, especially ourselves. Why should we be afraid in the face of a silent foe? Why should we feed into the mass consciousness of this fear, making it stronger?

Let’s turn the tide and love life, feel good, feel happy.

Life is very uncertain right now. You may have been let go from a job, told to shelter in place, and have a difficult time finding your needs at the grocery store. That does not mean you have to be a part of the mass emotion of the fear. What the world needs now is the good feelings, kind words, and hope.

As more and more people turn their personal tide to that of feeling good, then we change what the predominate mass conscious energy is out there. When you feel good, you also have stronger immunities, sleep better, make clearer decisions, and people enjoy being around you more.

I choose to be one of the children playing tag. Of course, now it is tag 6 feet apart and with medical gloves. I’m just making light of all the seriousness right now. What I am trying to say is we do not have to fear our neighbor or those we see; we just need to understand that things have changed somewhat. We can still be kind. We can lighten our conversations to things that make us feel good. We can choose to focus on things that are ok in the world.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

At a time like this, we can look for opportunities and not the problems. I know the coronavirus isn’t going to disappear because I don’t want to talk about it. Be responsible. But if you let the daily news reports and conversations overtake your life, you are not doing anyone any favors.

I look around and see the flowers and trees blooming. They are so beautiful. The birds and squirrels are nesting and so full of life and joy. I see families spending more time together and reconnecting. Isn’t that amazing? What is something you said you would do if you had more time? Spring cleaning, a hobby, a project, start a business idea, learn a new language, plant a garden, start exercising, spend more time meditating, write a book? What are all the positive of the changes we are facing?

Before we were all saying we don’t have enough time, we were exhausted all the time. We could never follow our passions. Even if we are not currently sheltered in place, our travel and activity are limited. We now have time to do something fun with that freed up time we used to complain about not having. We might even have enough time to get eight hours of sleep a night.

Let’s change our focus from that of fear and uncertainty to that of feeling good and spreading joy. Take a walk, get outside, and breathe fresh air. The more people that are finding ways to feel good that are taking advantage of the opportunities, the more this positive energy will spread and grow.

It is sad to see the reports on the spread of the virus. Take care and follow the suggestions to stay healthy and strong. Improve your immunities by feeling good and having a positive focus. The virus has already changed the world we live in today, that does not mean it has changed it for the worse. It can be a change for the better. Let’s all be a part of that. Let’s step back and find what we appreciate. Let’s create our lives each day filled with joy and anticipation. Let’s do things we love to do. It is ok to feel good during the times labeled by others as bad. You don’t have to sit down and behave because others are sad. Be so happy in your moments that your joy is contagious.

I started writing “Joy Quest: 60 days to a life you can love” before anyone of us had even heard of the coronavirus, and the focus and principles have not changed. I think in many ways, the world has become better, not worse. I see so many beautiful things happening around me. I see opportunities. Isn’t that what we were wanting? Everyone was asking for change. We were asking for a break, rest, time off. Now many of us have it. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to sit in front of your TV and feel sorry for yourself and what has been lost, or are you going to take the time to do something new and amazing? Are you going to see what has been gained?

How you react to any of life’s situations is your choice. That is the one thing in life we do have control over how we choose to act. I want to be happy. I choose to bring sunshine into other people’s day. I choose to be an encouragement. What are you going to choose to do?

Love and Blessing,
Ashley J Spurgeon