You are Worthy

Do you know that you are worthy of every good and possible thing you desire?

As children with unlimited energy, interest and enthusiasm we are taught by the tired, overworked and exhausted adults in our lives to tone it down, behave and even “grow up”. Most of the time we are exhibiting the enthusiasm for an idea or thought. We are taught at a young age that what we think is not important or worthy of the time of others to be expressed and explored.

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I remember in middle school we were studying marine biology. I grew up in Florida and had a love of sea life. I thought it would be wonderful to study and swim with seals, sea lions, dolphins and Orcas. My teacher at the time laughed at me and said, “Not with your grades”. He was telling me that i am not worthy of a dream. I took it to heart.

My love for classical ballet took me into practices 6 days a week. I got to choreograph our school productions. I wanted to be a professional ballerina. But I didn’t have the classical ballet build. I never got over 5’4″ and looked more athletic and tall and lean. I did not look like the other girls and I was encouraged to suck it in and to stand taller. I heard, “no matter how good you are, you are not worthy”.

Don’t feel sorry for my set backs. We can all relate to the events and circumstances that no one remembers but us. The one that said, “You are not worthy”.

The incredible part of life is that we are judged by someone else’s beliefs of limitations and worthiness. Not by Gods, or our own, the universe or whatever out there is greater.

We see examples of this all of the time. A no named person who struggled through school is now top of their field. Beaten down women who lived lives of abuse are now leading and motivating millions.

Who are you? Where do you fit in to the bigger picture. Why not you? What is your dream? What will you do with your worthiness?

Do not listen to others who come from their own doubt, fears and limitations.

Listen to your own heart and your passion. You want to be an encourager and up-lifter of others? Then be that.

When you take the time to meditate, just quiet your mind and connect with the spirit of God, your spirit, source, or inner being and you will start to receive inspirations to make your dreams a reality. The opportunities, ideas and people will cross your path.

Don’t ever let anyone else gauge your worthiness. You are worthy because you feel the calling, the impulse. You had the idea. That is enough.

Another important item to consider: Don’t tell people your idea until they are more fully formed. If you do there are plenty of people to shoot you down and fill you with doubt and before long you are second guessing yourself. Remember this though, please judge from their own feelings of lack, not being good enough, important enough, smart enough or not feeling worthy. This is not really a reflection of you but of themselves.

It isn’t you .It is them. So have your amazing ideas. Meditate on it and see how the universe will unfold this dream for you.

As with anything in life you may his some bumps in the road, but keep going and know. Each of us are worthy of our dreams and it CAN be a reality.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon