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The one universal truth is that everyone wants to be happy. If you are not, it is a strong desire within you, an inner yearning.

Happy, joyful, content, satisfied, peaceful.

Just thinking about those words can make you feel good because you know how they feel. You can remember a time, a place, a memory of feeling this way.

Or they create a longing and sadness because those nice feelings may feel so far away from where you are right now.

People work hard to attain these feelings in their lives.

  • If I make more money
  • If I have that kind of love
  • If I can find relief from this pain
  • If I could work for myself
  • If I could have that car, house, those clothes
  • If those people were nicer
  • If our government was better

If you look at all those statements, I’m sure you have a belief in a couple of them. If you can have, be, or do A, B, or C, then you will be happy. You can find joy and be satisfied with life.

The problem is those are all external factors. They all take a lot of effort. Chasing after them is hard work. You have already been doing that. How is it working out for you? All the trying, striving, working, planning, and spending may have brought small success, but has it brought you joy? If you had a small success, did it stick? Is it now your new life of ease, peace, and abundance? Before you know it, you are right back where you started.

You are tired, exhausted, and frustrated. Why is it so hard just to be happy? We all get to the place where we say, “It’s no fun being a grown-up.” It is all hard work, responsibility, and worry.

But It does not have to be that way. In fact, our life was not mean to be a daily grind.

Joy Quest is a path of love.

Joy Quest is a spiritual journey

Joy quest is a doorway to a new way of living.

Nothing may change in your everyday life, but everything will change in your everyday life.

Now that does not make sense!

Stay with me; it will.

I have the same job, husband, family, car, and house. But everything has changed.

Everything is richer, deeper, and has more meaning and purpose. My life is unfolding in new ways all around me every day.

I wake up refreshed, looking forward to the day. I have such appreciations in all I encounter and who I encounter. Inspiration flows, and most importantly, I love who I discovered myself to be.

When is the last time you thought about who you are and REALLY liked yourself? Let’s not even go to loving ourselves yet, do you like you?

Your mind thinks, “yeah, I’m good, kind, and caring. I put others first,” but…………

What you really feel is unappreciated, unloved, or overlooks.

Let’s change that.

Do you realize that you are doing that to yourself? You do so much for everyone around you, but nothing. The more you do for others, the more they expect of you. You feel taken for granted and tired.

Joy quest will help you turn that around. You will learn how to be more selfish. You will be better with everything and everyone around you. You are going to be RE-introduced to the amazing, beautiful, wonderful, and worthy person you are. You will love yourself because you will KNOW you deeply and intimately. You will also learn that you are never on this journey alone.

I know you are wondering HOW?

How can I take back my life when the life I have has such momentum in the direction it is going. Can you just put on the brakes and change direction? No, that would create quite a pile up and quite a lot of drama. You can create a gentle applying of the brakes. A shift that creates a new flow in the right direction. And it all happens much quicker than you would imagine.

Your joy quest is gentle, loving, and has ease. It is almost imperceptible to those around you. One day they notice that something has changed.

You feel sure, confident, clarity, worthy, and loved.

Let’s step away from the cliff edge together, hand in hand, and begin the JOY QUEST.

Joy Quest 60-Day Journey


Join Now

There is an amazing result of living a happy life, feeling satisfied. Things begin working out for you. Your days flow smoother, your interactions with others become more fun, finances flow, your relationships deepen, health improves, you sleep better at night, you have more clarity, and inspirations are now coming to you more freely. Those things you have wanted begin manifesting in your life.

This is a JOY QUEST.

                A Spiritual Quest

                                A life changing Quest.

Join me for a 60-days journey to turn life from strife and struggle to joy, happiness, and satisfaction

  • We will change beliefs that hold you back
  • Reconnect to your God force spirit to receive the love and guidance you deserve.
  • Change your life through simple meditation
  • Raise your vibration to be in alignment with all you desire
  • Learn to look forward in anticipation and release the past
  • Learn the art of allowing to manifest what you desire
  • You will love yourself and the life you live.

Joy Quest 60-Day Journey


Join Now

Space is limited because of the live-time we will be together on Saturdays. So, get your seat now. A new quest will start each 60-days. I can not wait to meet you. We are going to have so much fun and great discussions.

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