Thins Are Always Working Out for Me.

Almost all people, when initially attracted to “the Laws of Attraction,” come because there is something they want, money, love, career success, or health. They learn the principles and practices and things in their life begin changing. We often recommend beginning small, working on small things like smooth flowing traffic, the perfect parking place, smooth flowing lines in the grocery store, or small amounts of money to cover one simple thing.

We say we want to win the Lotto, but just having some sense of the odds of winning creates a great resistance to that reality coming true. Even that deep seated feeling that by winning all your problems will be solved. There you are focusing on the problems. What we believe will hold us back from manifesting. It creates resistance, blocks us form our inner being connection where the inspiration comes from, and can create more of what is.

When you come from an emotional place of not enough, not feeling worthy, need, etc., you are looking at what is. Looking at what is creating resistance to what can be, and keeps you stuck in “right now.” You are manifesting more of what the now is instead of getting out ahead if it and creating the new that you desire.

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So, we start small and go more general. Wanting to win the lotto is very specific. You want it because you are not satisfied with your current reality. So, let’s learn how to change that reality. But we need to start more general. We can appreciate the flow of money we do have. Your job creates a new paycheck weekly, every other week or twice a month.

“I appreciate that I have this replenishment of funds into my bank account.”

Do you see how that statement feels more real to you than “I want to win the lotto so my financial struggles will be over?”

  • I make money that I can use to pay my bills
  • I enjoy having money to buy, do, or have something new and fun.
  • I appreciate that I have a job that provides a regular flow of money.
  • I feel good when I can pay my bills
  • Other people who have lots of money were once standing in my shoes.
  • I appreciate how I feel at ease on pay day.

Now keep going with just general statements like these. Spend 17 seconds stating appreciation for the money you do have, and the opportunities provided because of it in a very general way. Do not get specific, stay general.

If it is currently to difficult to go general on the topic of money, then switch to another place.

Go general and appreciate something else.

  • It is so nice that it is not hot outside.
  • The dew hanging on the branches of the trees is pretty.
  • Amazingly, the spiders can weave such intricate lace during the night while we sleep.
  • The morning sun is, shining through the dew wet web is beautiful artwork.
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Continue this for 17 seconds, and you begin to feel lighter, your vibration is getting closer to that of your inner being. Your inner being is guiding you by showing is something you think feels good or bad. Feel your emotions as you make your statements. If one doesn’t feel so good, then adjust and make a better feeling statement.  

Now, how do you feel about these statements you have said or written down. Don’t you feel better about it? Don’t they feel true to you? With every 17 seconds you spend on general positive statements about a topic, you raise your vibrational level and step back from the resistant thoughts on the subject. You will begin to feel better about it. You are climbing the emotional ladder on this topic. (More on this later).

Are you feeling unhappy with your current life? Do you feel stuck, generally unsatisfied, depressed, frustrated? Do you feel your life lacks purpose and passion? I did place a wanting at the beginning of my book, and I posted a blog, “Warnings about the Laws of Attraction.” If you follow these principles that will be unfolding for your weekly and practice them, our life will transform. Once you learn something, you cannot unlearn it. You will not be able to go back and be satisfied.

The Law of attraction is not about attracting stuff that you think you want, even though you will. It isn’t about accumulating everything you desire, though you will. It is about raising your vibration to that of your inner being and what you desire and are asking for, your inner being has collected for you vibrationally. The laws of attraction are about having a joyful and fun experience in this life. It is feeling a place of love and happiness unfold into your life in a way you never have before. The greatest reward of the law of attraction is the feeling that “everything is working out for me.”

Then something nice starts happening. Experiences really do start working out. Money begins to flow, your relationships improve, opportunities present themselves, inspirations flow, health improves, and you see more beauty in your every day. In as little as thirty days, you are beginning to see improvement in your day-to-day. Sixty days your outlook has shifted; in ninety days, more consistency and flow are a part of everyday that interesting things, exciting things are happening. By six months, your old life is almost unrecognizable in comparison to what you are now living.

Now you are joyful, happy, and you feel love and appreciation towards yourself and others, you hold less judgement and desire less to control situations around you. You spend a lot less time resisting what you want and more time just drawing it nearer, because you have found the flow. In the river of life, you have stopped struggling upstream and you flow with the current that is your life .

In your joy and happiness, things start happening. You are now in a place of allowing and not resisting. You witness the momentum of manifesting building. Everyday you find fun and pleasure. Satisfaction is the benefit of the laws of attraction.

Now the “Stuff” is a secondary runoff, so to say. You cannot live in vibrational harmony with your inner being, the creative, universal God force energy, and not draw your desires to you.

You may be wondering how to get from exhausted and depresses to this amazing place of daily joy, happiness, and excitement.

Well, some processes and practices really help. Like all of this, as my book, blog posts, teaching and seminars continue to evolve and develop we will discover many practices that are not only easy and fun but transformative as well.

Some of these are:

  • Daily meditation (the right way)
  • Segment intending
  • Deliberate creating
  • Listing appreciation
  • The art of going general
  • The money games
  • Using the emotional ladder
  • Visualizing the dream
  • And many more. They are all fun; I’ve learned them from my teachers, and they will carry you from your usual now to the exciting where you want to be.

I was very bored and frustrated with my life. I knew I was meant to be, do, and have so much more than the hamster wheel I was running on. Working for someone else, barely paying my bills, etc. Guess what? In less than a year, I was able to transform my life. By my example, I began to see people around me shift as well.

When I wake up every morning, I am excited about what today will bring, what interesting people will I meet, what new inspirations my inner being will present, and the opportunities that will unfold. I begin my day on such a high note I want to shout it from the rooftops. The change in perspective is a big change from the depressed and the disappointed person I felt like before.

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I’m creating my new program, and I think I’ll call it either “Joy Quest” or “The happiness Revolution.” Tell me what you think — pipe in your vote. I want to hear from you. Which do you like best? Add a comment to this post and let me hear your opinion.

In this course, we will learn the principles and practices of the “Laws of Attraction.” You will learn to raise your vibration to what you have asked for and your inner being is holding in vibrational escrow for you. You will learn to raise yourself from depression to enjoyment and happiness and sustain it. Life is about Change, transformation and expansion. Are you ready?

In just thirty days, you can see a remarkable improvement. So remarkable that you will not want to stop there. It takes thirty days to break a habit, thirty days to change a belief that does not serve you.

Let me know which name you like best

“Joy Quest”


“The Happiness Revolution”

Until next time

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

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