Manifesting and Limiting Beliefs

The law of attraction states that what you think you create. Thoughts are energy that hold a vibration. When you think “I want more money,” but deep inside, you are thinking, “I don’t have enough money” the strongest of the two thoughts is, “I don’t have enough money.” What you are attracting is the lack. That is the strongest vibration and the strongest belief. Or you may think, “I don’t deserve more, that doesn’t happen for someone like me, and so on.”

Your thoughts are powerful. Much more powerful than your words.  What is more powerful than your thoughts are your beliefs and feelings behind them.

A belief is a thought, thought often enough that it becomes your predominate feeling about something. So, you need to monitor your thoughts. Though, that is impossible. If you spent your days monitoring your thoughts, you would have no time for anything else. I would say become more aware of what you are thinking. It would take every waking minute of every day if you were going to try to pay attention to every thought you have. Understanding your feelings is where you learn to connect to the guidance of your spirit or inner being.

Your emotions are your guide. When you think “I don’t have enough,” you don’t feel so good about that that. You may say, “But it is true,” Yes, it may be, but we want to turn that around. What you are doing is looking at what is right now, not what you want to create as your new reality. You need to get to better feeling thoughts on the subject of money. If you keep thinking of what is, you will keep attracting what is. Your inner being will guide you to this. You need to change how you fell about money and your beliefs about money in your life. If you keep looking a what is, you will continue to create what is. You need to write a different story.

(This goes for any subject, your missing lover, the house, job, health. I’m just using money as the example because that is so often what people want to manifest more of when attracted to the topic of the Laws of Attraction)

So, you had the thought, “I don’t have enough money.” The evidence is there. A bill came in the mail, and your bank account is right in front of you. How in the world do you change that? Give yourself 17 seconds.

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It only takes 17 seconds to change a feeling. With the guidance of your inner being, through your feelings, how you feel about the thought you are having can change. So, lets go through a dialogue of how to change your thoughts, thus your feelings on the subject of money:

  • I don’t have enough
  • I do manage to pay my bills
  • I appreciate what I have in my life
  • I’m grateful for my job which provides an income
  • Every couple of weeks my money is resupplied
  • All my bills do get paid
  • We have a nice home to live in
  • My kids are happy and healthy

As you go through this process you are looking for better feeling thoughts. If you say something that doesn’t feel as good, then turn it around. If you cannot find a good feeling, then be less specific and go more general. Let go of the topic and focus your thoughts on something easier to have good feeling thoughts. You do not only want to change how you feel about money, but you want to raise your vibration to a place where you can allow the money to flow in. This can take practice. I noticed that when I did this over about 30 days, my feelings about money turned from “not enough” to “I’m excited to see how this is provided for.” The amazing thing is when I changed how I feel about it, my immediate reactions to these things changed.

When I used to get an unexpected bill in the mail, I would be thinking, “How the H*** am I going to pay this.” My thoughts now are, “I’m excited to see what is going to happen to pay this. This amount of money is coming my way because I know the universe provides.” I do believe this because I have seen it happen over and over again.

By sitting back and being witness to the laws of attraction, bringing positive into my life instead of negative my thoughts and beliefs have completely transformed.

Remember, I am living a life right now with my husband in between jobs. Money logically should be tight right now. Yet when I sit to pay my bills and I am finished, I have more left over than I did when he was working. It isn’t logical and it doesn’t make sense, but it is real. This is the story I had been telling to change my reality. I got away from the bad feeling thoughts, I appreciated all that I have, and I am excited about what will be revealed next.

I know money is a difficult issue for so many. It is in our reality every day. So, a good idea may be to focus on something completely unrelated to raise your vibration. Something that gives you a sense of joy and appreciation. Your inner being wants this connection. It calls to you through inspiration and intuition. Go with something completely different. Remember, you want to be in a place of feeling happiness. This is when the great manifestations are created in your life. Think about something such as time with your pet.

  • I love spending time with my dog
  • He is so loving.
  • When I come home, he is so happy to see me.
  • He has such a joy for life
  • I love watching him roll in the grass
  • He greets me every morning when I wake up.
  • He always makes me smile
  • We have so much fun playing ball and chase in the back yard
  • I feel good when I am with my dog.
  • I am so happy he is in my family.

Now you are felling the flow of joy and appreciation. If you do this for 17 seconds, then you have changed your vibration and your thoughts are less resistant. One of the themes of my life is:

“Find the path of least resistance.”

We as humans have been taught that if we want something, we must work hard, struggle and strive to get it. The opposite is true. We need to find a good feeling thought about what we want, not focus on the lack of it. When my husband or son asks me about how they can do something, I always tell them, “find the path of least resistance”. Stop struggling through life and go with the flow.

Remember my post where I was talking about the flow of the river. I used to sit on the bank (visually) and watch what I want manifested flow by to the deep well where it is gathered for me. (Abraham Hicks calls this the Vortex, in fact, they have written a couple of books on the subject.) When things began changing for me was when in my visualization, I stopped watching and I jumped into the river and let the flow carry me down stream. Others speak of being in a boat. Are you struggling to paddle upstream against the current, or are you paddling downstream with the current?

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It is important to know how you think and feel about a subject and turn them around to a new story about what you want, not what you are lacking. It only takes 17 seconds to bring yourself to better feeling thoughts. When you practice this, not only will you change how you think about a subject, you will begin to believe differently about the subject as well. As you believe more positively, then your story begins to change.

I used to struggle to make it from paycheck to paycheck. Now I can’t wait to see how money unfolds into my life. It is a constant flow and always shows up in interesting and unexpected ways. This has gone from being a dreaded subject to a very fun topic in my life.

The greatest benefit isn’t the money that is coming to me. The greatest benefit is how happy I am. Every day I now look for opportunities to appreciate and be happy. My first thought when I wake us is, “I am excited about what will be revealed today.”

My Relationships have transformed. When I first started on this journey, I was a little afraid for my relationships. The people I know, do not share my path. But I love them, and I don’t want to lose them. I have found that with my joy and happiness, I can allow them their journey.

This is very important. Please pay attention: I allow them their journey. I cannot create someone else’s life. I cannot create for another. I can allow them to be the creators in their life. I can appreciate so much more when I stop trying to be in control of another’s life.

 I don’t wish to convince them of anything or sell them on my new beliefs. I want to allow them their path and be a witness to it. I find when they ask if I am upset or disappointed about their lack of motivation or if something hasn’t been done, I have no judgement regarding that topic. I see this is their life path not mine. They need to find their way; this has increased the level of love and understanding between us. It has been incredible. You cannot teach by words but you can by example.

I guess that is what I wanted to share for today. Here is what I would suggest:

Take 15 minutes (A very small amount of time) to meditate. Quiet your busy mind. Focus on the most repetitive mundane sound you can find. The AC unit, distant traffic, or running water. Something you really have no thoughts about. Place your attention on that. Just focus on the sound and not any thoughts you may have. As you practice this each day you will find that you have longer stretches of quiet mind. When you do, you are able to open to the guidance of your inner being. You may just feel love and appreciation. You may feel inspired. Your vibration is rising to that of your inner being. The higher your vibration the better thoughts you have, the better you feel. Remember if you don’t feel good about something, your inner being is guiding you to find better thoughts and feelings. They are directing you from going upstream to flowing down stream.

Have a beautiful day, give yourself a break, and go the path of least resistance. Go with the flow.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon