Happiness and Spirit in Manifesting

I have studied many sources of teaching regarding manifestation. Some teachers make it sound easy:

  1. Want something and ask
  2. Believe it
  3. Feel it
  4. Presto – you are a millionaire.

I understand we are human, and we want things. We want to live comfortably, we want the nice house, the car, the lover, the dream career and the health.

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You can try it their way, and you may have in the past had great things manifest for you using those principles and not even knowing it. You will achieve some level of success. It is in our nature to want the simple answers and the simple path to achieve what you want. Following that path may work to a degree but you will also feel that something is missing. We know in our deep-down soul that there is so much more. There is a satisfaction in living.

When I started on my journey, I said, “I want a Bentley!” The reason was not that I think it is the coolest car ever, but that it is a status symbol of attaining great wealth. It would show the world that I can manifest really cool stuff. But then what?

As I said, something is missing. The spiritual side of this. I’m not encouraging you to go and get all Holy, join a cult or cloister in a monastery.

I am suggesting you align or connect with the awesome creative power of the Universe. I call this God because that is my culture and upbringing. Many teachers avoid mentioning this as God because of the limiting beliefs that word brings to people’s mind. Call it what you want, we are all talking about the same universal energy that creates worlds, ideas and even created us.

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What is important is that if you want to fully expand into creating your dream life to have a relationship with this energy, inner-being, your spirit, with source. It is a part of who we are, who we have always been and who will we still be when life of earth is over. Everything is source. It is the larger part of us because it cannot be contained in our physical form. It is an infinite connection to source being, yet at the same time a part always resides with us.

Our inner being is not physical, so it does not live by the constrains of the physical world that we see smell and touch. It is with this inner being that we receive guidance, inspiration and intuition. Even though we may feel disconnected and not in touch with our inner being, it is always connected with us. It is always guiding us and trying to tell us of our well-being and wholeness. We want to align vibrationally with this part of ourselves to find what we are looking for.

Where we live a lot of our emotional life looking back and blaming our past for what has become, our inner being never looks back. It is in the now and what is coming or creating. We may have anxiety and fear of the future. Our inner being is peace in right now and it knows our future and how bright and amazing it will be. Our inner being is trying to bring to us all that we have asked for. It has vibrationally gathered what we have asked for and we just need to align to allow it into our knowing and existence.

You can manifest or apply the Laws of attraction without your source connection, but it is much more difficult. You will be trying to create through your will, actions, efforts and ego. This is how you have already been living your life. How Is that working for you?

I find it exhausting, frustrating, I get impatient and disappointed. I am sure many can relate. Striving on our own is not thriving.

I really do not want to go into detail of source energy and our connection to it. Every teacher begins here, and it is important. I will have a whole section of introducing you to your inner being universal connection in my book.  Anyone who is studying the Laws of Attraction and manifesting should already have general knowledge and understanding already. If you want a deeper explanation, ask me and I’ll talk with you about it in much greater detail.

Our spirit, being part of the whole, is eternal and infinite. It was in existence before we were born and will be after we pass away. It is eternal, has infinite intelligence, unconditional, loving, kind and very creative. Our inner being and the Universal source is pure, positive energy.

After we are born and grow, as we experience the expectations of others, as we are educated and instructed to work hard and settle for what life gives you, we become disconnected from our own sense of sources guidance and we need to reconnect in order to have the fulfilled life we desire.

As our lives develop into hardships, struggles and disappointment we learn fear, judgement, anger, sadness, grief, depression. These are all low energy vibrations we need to be in sync with the high source vibration.

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We think we want or need stuff to make our lives easier and happier, to show our worth, or to prove something to others. We think when we have this “Stuff” we will be free to serve, love and be happy.

The reality though is that the thinking is backwards. You do not attain a perfect life to find happiness, but by finding happiness you attain the perfect life. You cannot do this on your own. You do this through living a high vibrational life connected with source. When you do that an unexpected thing happens. Ideas, inspirations, people, opportunities and everything beyond what you would have known or done on your own begins to unfold in front of you.

When you are reintroduced to who you are spiritually you begin to discover a world of beauty, unconditional love, and satisfaction. You are now in a place where you can hear your inner guidance, intuition, strengthens, your peace, and happiness expand. You inner being is like the air we breathe. You cannot touch it, smell it and often you cannot hear it. But you can feel it. The more often you attune to feeling it the more often you can connect and be one. Life becomes easier, more clear, and more vibrant. You achieve a peace, a knowing and even times of absolute bliss.

So, that all sounds great, but how do we connect. Do we need start meditating and channel our spirit being? Do you go through an ancient ritual to connect with our guide? No, it is a gradual process and it is much easier that all of that. You start paying attention to how you feel. You inner being guides you by how you feel.

Now, one great way to connect is monitoring how you are feeling at any given moment. Your spirit guides you through your feelings. The spirit never has negative feeling and never speaks to you through them. When you are not feeling good in a situation, or with a particular thought that is your inner being trying to guide to a better feeling thought. When you are not feeling good emotionally you are not traveling the path of least resistance.

We as humans believe that to have something we want, we must strive and work hard for it. That is also backwards thinking. Working harder is not working smarter. You may obtain some material things and success but then you are worn out and exhausted from the struggle to obtain what you wanted. It can also cost you your health and relationships along the way.

The way you want to travel is the path of least resistance. This is your spirit guiding you to peace and happiness without the struggle. Going this route does not mean sitting on your couch waiting for things to happen though. It means you are connected and receiving inspiration and listening to intuition to go the way of happiness.

Now here is something important. There is an emotional scale. If you are feeling depressed and powerless you are going to have a challenging time on your own finding peace, joy and feelings of freedom. You can take steps to work your way up in gradual steps. In a matter of very little time you will find yourself in a place of hope and optimism. After a while you find happiness and then joy.

As you travel this less resistant path you also begin to see unexpected and miraculous things coming into your life. New people, opportunities and even some of those things you have wanted. You can also obtain this new way of living in as little as thirty days.

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If you are really tired of how things have been working out for you, if you are tired of being tired of the life you have been dealt, then we can work together to make a drastic alteration. I know because I have done this. People around me have done this. The life I live now is very different than the life I lived a year ago. And completely unrecognizable from what I was living 5 and even 10 years ago.  

I know I am happy. I do not have negative reactions to things that happen around me. I don’t feel the need to control the actions of others. I appreciate so very much in my world. Amazing things happen every day. My opportunities are endless, and my abundance is much more than I ever imagined.

I did two things. I reconnected to who I am spiritually. I recognize that I am eternal and infinite but living in a finite world. I also learned to monitor how I feel. This is my guidance system from source. I learned to rise to better feeling thoughts and in so doing I have changed my reality to be an amazing place. I know this is possible for everyone. This is my path and my journey; to help others find theirs. It is so exciting.

I learned that in order to create the life I want, to have the things I want all I need to do is create a life of joy and appreciation. Granted I don’t have the Bentley. I really don’t want that anymore, because my motivation for having it has changed. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it still shows up one day soon because energy creates momentum and I have put it out there. I see a great future. I see myself getting to meet so many of the people who read my books and blogs. I see travel, my family experiencing amazing places and people. I am looking forward to the life I have set momentum to.

I am also working on the book. It will go into much more detail of the emotions, spiritual connections, aligning through meditation, manifesting and all of that. I am excited seeing it come together. I am not writing it alone. I am turned in to my inner being for guidance. Every week I get further into the dialogue that is forming into the book. Someday soon we will begin the seminar tour. I am so excited about that because then we will get to meet face to face and really dive into finding a life of joy and creating the reality of our dreams. Manifesting at it’s best.

Until next time feel blessed. Look for things to appreciate. Find your happy place.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J. Spurgeon