The Aligned Ones

We all want to be in a place in life where we feel good, and life seems to flow. Unfortunately, life seems to keep happening. Rough spots, troubles, and challenges always seem to get in the way. The interrupted life does not have to be the reality, though. What you are seeing are the signs that life is not in alignment with the Universal source, God, the oneness of energy that brings peace and flow to life. It is tiring and exhausting to jump from one trouble to the next. We learn to accept this as normal and settle that this is just how life is.

Though there are people who live a very different reality, aligned ones do have a peaceful life that flows with the harmony of everything that comes their way. They also, from the observer’s view, have a blessed life where everything always seems to work out for them. If they need or want something, it comes to them without a lot of effort. They are rarely sick, and if they are, they flow even in that. They seem to get along well with everyone, they do not have drama in their lives, and when seen from an outside observer, they seem to have a charmed life. They are lucky.

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They are not highly spiritual people cloistered in monasteries. These are everyday people we encounter on a regular basis. More and more people of joining the ranks of the aligned.

The truth is not that they are lucky; they are aligned. These people have an almost constant connection to their source energy, and they have been that way long enough; it does not have to be a constant thought to stay aligned. Abraham Hicks refers to this as the fourth step, Wayne Dyer calls this living with intention. It really is a beautiful life and it is attainable to everyone. We are all part of the same source, have access to the same guidance, and can live the same charmed life of non-resistance.

What are some of the characteristics of the Aligned Ones?

They feel good to be around. There is joy in the everyday things of life. They exude good energy.

The aligned ones live in an energy of peace, so when you are around them, you begin to tune into that energy as well. There is the opposite. Have you ever had a friend or relative who has just enough chaos in their life that you feel drained after spending time with them? Aligned people are the opposite. Because they are in tune with higher vibrational energy, it does flow to you when you spend time together. But you cannot spend time with them to help yourself get into alignment. That feels sort of vampiric to me. What you can learn from them though, is the feeling of the higher vibration. When you are not with them, it can give you a feeling of raising your vibration. You can learn to align your energy to the feeling you have when you are together. The more you practice that raising of energy the easier it becomes and the more consistently you will stay there. After a while, you will see that others are drawn to you as you were to your friend.

Aligned ones have a very optimistic outlook on life. They already know the first Law of the Universe, the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. If you fear trouble, you will attract trouble, and if you think of not being able to pay your bills, this is what you will manifest in your life. If you believe that life is always a struggle and challenge, your life will be presented to you as a struggle and a challenge. People that live in alignment understand the law of attraction; therefore, their focus is on what they want, not what they do not want. They speak of the future not of the past or even the present. They talk about the present as if what they are wanting has already shown itself.

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Aligned ones allow people to be who they are and where they are. Each person is at the place in their lives they need to be for their personal evolution and growth. Aligned people do not try to change others into their view of life. They understand that words do not teach, examples and experience teach. They do not get drawn into debates about politics, world conditions or religious strife. They do not preach, and they do not judge. They see everyone as beautiful because they see how everything and everyone is the same spiritual, creative energy. They do not get pulled into the conflict. If a conflict arises, they tend to wander off into something else, separate themselves. Why is that? Do they not care? It is so much more than that. They understand that chaos is not apart of the reality they have created for themselves. They do not even see it going on around them in many cases; they just withdraw.

They may seem like they have their heads in the clouds. They do not see reality in the same way you may. They do see their reality by looking at what will be, not what they believe to be happening right now. When you focus on the now, that is the reality you will keep creating. That is where your thoughts and energies are, that is your focus of manifestation. If you keep focusing on the now, you can get stuck in that. You will keep drawing to you the same you are currently experiencing. The law of attraction is. It will always give what you send out. If you are focused on bad traffic, you are going to experience bad traffic. If you are worried about a tough month, then that will present itself to you.

My husband was so worried about this upcoming month because he is still unemployed. He was lying awake at night, worried about the mortgage payment, the vehicle payments and living with the fear of losing everything. I kept reminding him that everything always works out. To trust that everything always works out. I will not focus on a future of “What if” (based on fear) I focus on what I want my life to be. I not only was able to pay the mortgage and bills, but I found myself in a surplus of one thousand dollars. I opened a new savings account with $200, sent $100 to my daughter for her birthday, did grocery shopping without counting the dollars and I realized that I am still surrounded with money. I don’t have to fear lack because there is abundance. I have learned to trust that I always have what I need when I need it and there is always a flow of money in my life. This is my reality because I believe it to be so, and have experienced it to be so. No one has taken on a second job, and we haven’t had to cut back on expenses. It just happens.

I had four credit cards paid off, and my phone bill dropped significantly.  The change in my bills means my monthly disposable income has increased by a couple hundred a month. I go to the store and what I purchase has a rebate. Isn’t that cool? The ways that the universe provides are unexpected and often exciting. If in your desire to manifest something, you are also trying to figure out how it will come to pass, you are adding resistance to the flow of what has already aligned to you energetically. You must just let go of the how. I know that is not always easy, but it becomes easier as you see things manifesting in your life, as you learn to really appreciate everything that is already there.

Aligned ones see every moment as perfect. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or storming, snowing, or a dry spell. They appreciate the beauty of nature because they feel their connection to it. They feel the energy flow through everything in life.

When what most people call hard, bad, or challenging enters the life of someone who is aligned, they do not see it as such. They see it as a steppingstone to their expansion and growth. They see the lesson or how this is a tool for them to get to where they desire to be.

Life seems to unfold for these spiritually adept people. Though they may not seem very spiritual, they often to not attend church or speak of any religious practice. They understand that God is everything, a part of everyone, and available to everyone. We all are a part of God and in the connection to the creative energies that create worlds, we can also create.

Well, I guess that concludes my thoughts on that for the time being. When you see someone who naturally displays a life of kindness, they see past culture, religion, skin color, and differences. They do not get provoked to anger, and they do not have anything to prove to anyone; they feel good to be around. They display kindness to everyone and everything, and you know you are in the presence of an aligned one. They will never ask for accolades or praise. They see the alignment in you as well. Since they see the future they wish to create, they see you as you highest aligned version of yourself.

As do I

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon