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As I have mentioned before, I am writing my book “Revisiting the Laws of Attraction”. My personal journey and studies into manifesting an abundant life. I look at the chapters and topics I have written so far, and the writing seems like an endless task of joy and love. I think on that thought, an endless task, and as a writer, that is a correct assumption. A writer’s job, especially an inspired writer, is never complete. We always have new thoughts, ideas and discoveries. As one book comes to completion another is unfolding. What an incredible journey and love, sharing and inspiration.

The “ah ha” moment I had the other day has to do with the format. “Revisiting the Laws” is sort of like a journal. These are small excerpt of thought, experiences and new ideas. There is a good reason for this format though. I want to inspire people, motivate people and watch them open to their ah ha moments as well. We are living in the most amazing time of a new spiritual awakening. In this world of high technology, we can connect and share in ways unfathomable a century ago. But in all the ease and openness we have in our lives we are working harder, striving more, and feel more disconnected than ever. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger, fear and the like are on the rise. Every person at one point in their life can relate to one or more of these feelings. In the awakening we learn that these are signs of our disconnection to the greater whole of life. The universal creative spirit that connections all things and everyone.

When you begin tapping into your source energy which is connected to all that is, you begin to see glimpses of happiness, joy, dreaming possibilities, seeing opportunities, meeting the right people at the right time, life begins to have a new meaning, purpose is birthed in and through you. In today’s world that is so rushed and so busy, we feel we lack time. When is the last time you sat and read a book? If you are like me, you can devour 2-3 books a week. I use all forms to accomplish this. I have my Nook and Kindle for electronic reading, I have my audible books for my commutes, and my favorite is the actual paper books. There is something very comforting to me to hold a paper book in my hand and flip through the pages, highlight key ideas, or jot notes in the margins. If I feel a title is one that will inspire, educate or possible fill in my collection better I order the book. If it is available, I select the hardback over the paperback. I love surrounding myself with books and I want them to last. My dream is to have a house with a library in it, full of my favorite and most inspiring books to share.

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As I was getting at earlier though, we are starved for time. Who has time to sit down and read long chapters that describe in detail every thought and idea? I want this book to be one that uplifts and inspires people to be the best they can be. I want it in a format that people can sit down for fifteen to twenty minutes and read something that makes them laugh, or think, or feel differently. If you are tired, challenged, or feeling down, you can read a short chapter or two and feel uplifted. You can with just a few minutes, raise your spiritual vibration enough that you can go forth in the next segment of your day with a connection to source that will let the energy flow that brings abundance into your life. Abundant joy, peace, inspiration, and flow.

I am looking forward to writing more fun chapters for this book. I can see it as a book that rests on a desk at work, in a mother’s purse, on a bed side table. One of those books that people go back to time and again to help them elevate their spiritual vibration when they feel off. A book to motivate when the day is challenging.

Author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer say, “When you change the way you think, the way you think changes”. You can also think of this as: when you change the way you look at the world, they way you look at the world will change.” This is not just a cute play on words, if you really listen to those phrases, they make great sense, this is where awakening occurs.

When people think of abundance they mostly think of money and wealth. Achieving money and wealth in abundance is the byproduct of being abundant in all areas of life. It isn’t about the stuff; it is about the emotions and feelings first. When you are first abundant in joy, happiness, thanksgiving and gratitude then the other abundance will follow; relationships, opportunities, health, wealth and achieving your dreams.

We often think, because we were taught to think, that if we achieve enough wealth, power, stature, importance, then we can be happy. If you look through history though many wealthy people are terribly unhappy. So, there is a missing link. The truly successful people, those who you see have the full life success and are also joy filled, have figured out the secret. They apply, consciously or unconsciously, the Universal laws of attraction. They focus in being connected, seeking joy and happiness and then the inspiration, coincidences, opportunities flow into their lives. When you are connected to the spirit or source, you are connected to the intuition and personal guidance that will draw to you that which you desire.

What will be in this book?

The fountain of youth, the keys to understanding, a spiritual pathway to connecting to the creative God force energy that is everyone and everything. I share these in my little tidbits of personal experiences, stories shared from others, and inspirational thoughts I have.

When you have a few minutes, you can pull it out and read a little to remind yourself that life is meant to be joyful. Life is meant to be a grand adventure. Life is meant to be appreciated. We can step out of the past, not fear the future, and relish the amazing beauty in the now.