The Path of Least Resistance

We as humans have been trained to think that life had to be hard and everything we want in life is a struggle to get what we want. We must work hard just to make ends meet; we must be of service to be a good person; we must have conflicts and dramas in our relationships. Life does not have to be hard work a struggle or contain drama.

The Laws of Attraction teach the opposite. I’m glad because this is how I chose to live, and I constantly have wonderful things unfolding for me.

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Going with the flow does not mean that we sit on the couch watching Netflix and eating potato chips and expect money to flow to us, or that we will meet our dream lover. We are looking in between those two extremes.

We do know those people who work very hard to succeed, and they do. But at what cost? Their health, their relationships? There are people you see that struggle always to try and prove they are right. One thing I have learned is that when someone thinks they are right then to try to convince them otherwise is a losing battle. Some people always struggle in traffic, the lines at stores, the list can go on and on. The sense of struggle happens because they feel a sense of unfairness, that others are selfish, or the idea of everything needing to be difficult and challenging is so ingrained in who they have become.

Life is meant to be an enjoyable journey. Life is meant to flow. Opportunities are just waiting to reveal themselves to you.

How do you know you are not finding the path of least resistance? You can feel it. In the tension in your shoulders, the sour stomach, the overall feeling of not being happy.

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When you learn to relinquish complete control and go with the flow of life, you will find joy and ease. I guarantee you. Give it a try.

When something happens at work, and you are already stressed out, sit back, and ask yourself what is the path of Least Resistance? Another way to begin practicing this is with your relationships. If you have kids, that is perfect, because kids regularly challenge, but this can be any relationship. The other person brings up a topic or suggestion that feels like a conflict. You will feel it in your body; you feel it in your lessening emotions.

You step back and ask yourself which direction this is flowing within me. We look at the river again. Does this feel like struggling upstream or flowing downstream? Downstream is where you wish to be. How do you know which direction you can go.?

First off, going upstream is a lot of work. You are paddling against the current. We think that to have our dream business, to create wealth, or even keep our family peaceful; we need to work our way upstream. We have been taught that money is hard to get; relationships are challenging, or to do one thing we must sacrifice something else. A life of struggle is not the truth I know but it is a truth that many people live.

Back to “how do I know?” what is your belief system? You have an inner being, the Holy Spirit, Intuition; whatever you choose to call it, we have guidance. How many times did you choose to do something and later said, “I knew I should not have done that, I just knew in the pit of my stomach.”

As you learn to raise your vibration to match your inner being and your desires, you will struggle less and less. I mention to a friend of mine also, look for the path of least resistance. Which path or direction feels better to you? This is a very easy lesson to learn, that will yield great benefits to you.

I have always had a personal policy that I will not discuss politics or religion with another. Not because I don’t like to but that everyone is firm in their beliefs, and nothing I say will sway them otherwise. In the last few years, we have had some mixed up politics in the US. This leads to many conversations that hold people’s strong opinions. I know that I can listen to what they have to say, I don’ have to share my opinions. I think about the flow and how nice it is to have opportunities to interact with other interesting people.

I live in Houston, and we have terrible traffic here. I often witness people fighting against traffic. I can tell you I enjoy my commutes, and most of the time traffic is flowing smoothly around me. I ask myself which path will offer the least resistance and be more enjoyable for me. Since I layout this intention before I leave it almost always happens.

The are hundreds of examples of not fighting the flow. When you do, you will find yourself further vibrationally from what you desire, not closer.

I have a lot of responsibilities in my job. Sometimes my boos or one of the paralegals will come and ask me to do something to help them or give me a new project. I used to dread this because I only have so many hours in a day or week and already a full load. I must ask myself what the path of least resistance is. I find when I do a nice flow is created in my day, I manage to get everything completed. I look for good feelings and the fun, unexpected opportunities that can come from this.

Looking toward heading downstream with things, they are completed much quicker than anticipated also.

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How can you find the path of least resistance in conversations and situations in your life? You learn to hear your inner guidance. That is how you flow downstream. The inner guidance will also lead you to the path of least resistance. Don’t follow the masses who seem to think that if you are not super busy, working hard, sacrificing much to get to a happy, successful place in life eventually.

If you are struggling with finding ease and flow in your life, this is a good time to get yourself a coach. Just as sports teams have people who are experienced in bringing understanding and success to their teams, a life coach can help you see where you are blocking yourself, struggling and fighting against yourself.

Since all my blogs are the groundwork for my book, “Revisiting the Laws of Attraction,” I’m sure I will write more on the path of least resistance.

If you are learning the Laws of Attraction and need some guidance or clarity on a subject, please reach out or leave your questions and thoughts in the comment area. If you have a question, then others will also. Here everyone can benefit. You can also reach out to me for one-on-one, group, intensive weekends, and the Houston “Lunch of Allowing” meeting days and times.

I Look forward to knowing you.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon