A Game with the Laws of Attraction

Do you understand that you have an inner being? It is amazing to have a guiding force or being within that can lead you to what you have been wanting. The beautiful thing about the inner being, and what is very different from us “Humans” is the quality of the spirit that guides.

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The inner being is eternal, expansive, and always looking through the eyes of purity and love. This is positive energy. If you want to be successful at the Laws of Attraction, bringing what you want into your life it is a good idea to be tapped into your inner being. It is always there no matter how you are feeling. If you are not feeling good, then you know there is a variance in your vibration to the vibration of your inner being.

Yesterday was a great day of attracting. When I woke, I asked to be introduced to fun and interesting people. I would like to make a new friend. That afternoon I spent time getting to know this beautiful lady, Michelle. We had a great talk, and by the time she left my office my vibration was high, I was feeling great.

It was time to drive home, hurray it’s a Friday. On my way, I was listening to Abraham Hicks and they said if you want to see how quickly the universe manifests for you play a game. Then they said are you ever in traffic? I looked around me as I was getting ready to leave one Houston highway to enter another. We are all crawling at 35 MPH and I said with a laugh, yeah, I am in traffic quite often. This is the game.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Think of a number and then see how quickly the number appears for you in traffic. I am surrounded by vehicles, all with license plates, at least I hope so, and I am having fun. I immediately think of my husband’s birthday of 216. Immediately to my right is a license plate with 219. I’m thinking, oh, that’s funny you are off by 3 numbers. And I am laughing. Then I say let’s try again, and I see the sense of humor. I say my daughter’s birthday of 528. I ask playfully. Can you get this one right? And within 30 seconds I see a license plate where the numbers are 825. I am laughing now, and I say “Oh, I see, my inner being is dyslexic.” Now I am having fun. I ask let’s go 3 for 3. I say my son’s birthday, 816, and I for some reason say I probably won’t see this until I stop for gas. But along the way I see 806,827, 802 all these 8 numbers passing me by. I am having fun and know that my inner being is playing, but I still haven’t seen 816 that I asked for.   So, I get off the highway and see other things with numbers, a real estate sign has 819, lol. I pull in to get gas and none of the cars have the right number. I am saying, “Well, that was fun, but I guess we are done.” As I am pulling out of the gas station, I see a parked car with paper tags and the first three numbers are 816. Perfect and not dyslexic after all.

The point of this is that life is meant to be fun. We are meant to feel good and laugh. Also, the universe will give us what we ask for. Many times, immediately if we allow it. There is no reason for things to take time. Most times the manifesting takes time because we expect it to, or we put up resistance to it or think we have to put in some kind of action to get hat we want.  When we say that we want something, the universe, our inner being gets what we want, vibrationally, for us immediately. The higher our vibration to it we are the quicker it will manifest for you. The first number I asked for what shown to me (with humor) immediately. This showed me that the game was on, the second was 30 seconds after. The third was in the place I felt it would be when I selected the number. I thought it would be at the gas station.

I had such a fun ride home. I laughed and felt good. I was in the zone and connected to my inner being. There are many other games that you can play. They help you to feel your connection, feel the higher vibration. Once you have felt it, you want to be there more. It brings laughter, fun and the joy of living.

As your life becomes more joyful, you will see more of what you want manifesting in unusual and unexpected ways.

As I have stated before, I have studied 100 years’ worth of teachings on the Laws of Attraction. My favorite and the leading edge teaching is Abraham Hicks. They call themselves teachers of teachers. That absolutely thrills me because I love being able to teach what I have learned and by my experience. I give credit to my language, descriptions and teaching methods to what I have learned from the Hicks teachings. My life has changed, my relationships have become richer, and I see what I want appearing in my life more and more often. As they say, once you have learned something you cannot unlearn it. Once you know some new truth you can never go back, you just move forward.

I am not trying to copy, mimic, or replace the teachings of Abraham. I just know that different people are attracted to different teachers. I want to be there for those who are drawn to me. Not everyone has heard of my teacher. Being a teacher of teachers is wonderful. I am grateful for the wisdom and clarity these teachings bring.

I am working on my book, “Revisiting the Laws of Attraction” all the time. I am filling notebooks constantly with ideas, stories, examples, and how to’s. I am trying to put down the pen and paper and work more on the laptop so that I can get it all put together. I am not writing this book alone though. I am working in collaboration with my higher inner being. I only write when I am in my vortex and connected, feeling great about what I am sharing. This is so much fun and how creating should feel.

Have an incredible day! Have an incredible life.

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I took a break at work yesterday, and as I was heading outside, I thought, “I want to have fun.”   As I walked over to the edge of a parking lot, I saw a squirrel. These are not tamed to people, usually very skittish. This squirrel spent 5 minutes playing peek-a-boo with me. Never being jerky and skittish, just playing. It was a fun break. As I said life, is meant to be fun. The laws of attraction are not there for us to accumulate stuff, though you may, it is meant to be a life of joy and amusement. You will find the inner being has a great sense of humor. As you raise your vibration, through good thoughts, meditation whatever, you’re will raise your vibration, as your vibration rises you will have fun, unexpected occurrences and interesting clarity. Enjoy life and you will see more and more good manifestations in your life experience.

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Love and Blessings,