Why Not Be Selfish

As we were growing up, we were told to look after others before ourselves. We were taught that being selfish was a bad thing. I am here today to stand that on its head. I am going to tell you to be selfish, be very selfish.

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At the root of everything people want to be happy. Is looking for your own happiness a bad thing? No, it is the best thing.

Let’s make a specific correlation though. I am not talking about being selfish at the expense of others. I am talking about being selfish to have the best life you ever wanted. The life of happiness, joy and peace. It is so much easier than you think to acquire.

Being selfish does not mean that you do not care about the troubles of others, it means you care about how you feel from moment to moment. A loving, growing, expansive being. You have a great life and you want to be able to have that greatness expand. In the Laws of Attraction, we are eternal, expansive beings that have come into this physical reality to create. What we care to create is the best of everything we desire.

As the laws play out in my life, I have found that my selfish focus has made me a much more joyful person. This radiates out to those around me. I see others being happier, and if they aren’t, that is their choice. I see people having more fun, and if they aren’t that is their choice. Being a teacher of the Laws of attraction and the art of allowing guides others into their best places more from example and experience than by anything I can say to anyone. I have met more amazing people, had incredible opportunities, and more joy filled days.

Being one with our inner self.

In our upbringing of culture and religion we often were taught that God, or that which we see as the eternal is a separate being from us. Someone or something we can petition to when things are hard and something or someone, we must show gratitude to when things are good, or, “You better watch out, things may go bad again.” The image of these teachings is of a separate, powerful being.

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I was meditating on a way to explain our inner self and the eternal connection to everything and everyone. Even just saying inner self makes it sound like a spirit that is confined within our own bodies as individual spirits. In reality it is so big, huge, and yet in us and through us at the same time. The explanation I saw was everyone standing in a field of fog. This fog goes on forever. It is thick and dense and throughout the fog we are all standing. There is no separation in the fog, it envelopes each and everyone of us. Around and through each of us is our inner being, our higher self. It flows through us and around us and it also connected to the fog around and through everyone and everything else. Now take the fog and translate that to vibrational energy.

Each of our own is individual and part of the whole. It is individual because it was us before we came into this physical reality, and it will still be us after this physical reality. It has the highest love for us, this vibrational energy which is a bigger part of us is so unconditional in its love for us. This is the love of God in its highest sense. It loves us so much that it is always bringing to us that which we ask for. But not what we ask for verbally, what we desire vibrationally, whether health, finances, love, career, opportunities. It guides us through our feelings and emotions.

This is where the selfishness comes in. Be selfish in connecting to the vibration of your inner being. Feel the love offered to you, unconditional and forever looking forward. Non-judgmental and never looking back.

When you take the time to connect to your inner being your life will transform. You are selfishly seeking happiness; you are selfishly moving away from the drama that life tries to pull you into. You are selfishly aligning to joyful people and experiences.

The Law of Attraction is not about creating money love and health into our life. The law of attraction is about aligning with your higher self in such a strong and consistent way that you have the life of joy. When that happens money, love and health follow. It is a natural by-product.

This weekend take some time to be selfish. As you do you will find that what you have for others is now so much deeper and richer. Do not take the troubles of another upon yourself. You are not doing either of you any favors. Be tuned in, tapped in and turned on. The richness of this life will begin to create around you. What you are desiring and attracting into your life will be bigger than your dreams ever were.

How do I connect?

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Connecting to your higher source, inner being is easy. We are always connected. We are just sometimes feeling separate because we are vibrationally attuned. You find the vibrational attunement by how you are feeling. This is your guidance. If you are not feeling good emotionally then you are out of alignment. As you focus more and more on the feelings of hope, peace, happiness, bliss. You will feel more and more aligned with your whole self, your inner being. When you come into alignment you will feel more inspiration, insight and awareness. This is how things are created into being. Our inner being is always trying to point you into the path of that which is your highest desire. We just are not always listening. Or we think that is just our own overactive imagination at work, or it just seems crazy, or we are caring to much what others think of us. Why would you have the impulse to leave the highway early. Your inner being may be directing you to a crossing of paths of another that has the insight to something you asked for. This life is one of adventure. These little adventures happen every day. Seek the alignment with your inner being by being conscious of how you are feeling.  Then be open to the inspirations you feel.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon