The Vocabulary of the Laws of Attraction

If you are someone who has just begun this journey you will hear words you know that are used in a new way. I am working on a list and trying to define some of the words, ideas and concepts mentioned in the world of manifesting and the Laws of Attraction. Hopefully this will help people to know what is meant by some common terms used in new ways.

We will later go into much more detail. The five steps are the path to manifesting the life you desire. They are powerful and real. They are the universal law. You are using them even if you don’t know it.

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The basis of the Law of attraction is “like attracts like“. You are always manifesting even without consciously doing so. The life you are living right now is the life you have manifested. Those with some knowledge and practice are seeing the results of consciously manifesting. Those who have no idea of the laws of attraction may not be so happy with their life right now. The truth is that is what you have called into being in your life. We will discuss this at greater length later. But, as I started writing I stated that I was amazed at the wonderful, beautiful, peaceful life I have. Everything I ever desired I now have. I wanted to know how it happened and I came across the Laws of Attraction, as well as the last 100 years of people writing on the subject.

First, we will introduce the 5 steps:

Step 1) You experience contract which shows you what you want and what you do not want.

Sept 2) Source answers your request and creates your desires. You do nothing at this stage.

Step 3) You align your vibration to the vibration of your desires.

Step 4) You get really good at step three. You maintain your vibration more consistently. This is where you begin unfolding.

Step 5) You experience contract and appreciate it.

We will go into much more detail of each of the five steps in later chapters ( or posts) .

The Vocabulary used by those who speak of manifesting and the laws of attraction seems to be constantly expanding and growing. I have some of it here and I will give a brief description. These and this list will grow over time. This is a growing expansive universe so it makes sense that the words we use to describe will also be expanding and growing.

Contrast: Seeing that which you want and that which you do not want.

Desires: That which you want. Such as a love relationship, good health, a career, prosperity etc.

Energy: The flowing force of the universe. Everything is made up of energy and it can be drawn and directed to create that which we desire.

Point of attracting: Where you are is your current point of attraction, what you have going on vibrationally.

Beliefs: That which you tell yourself over and over.

Vortex: It is a feeling; it is the state of being in alignment with who you really are (Your inner being, your spirit, higher self). Move toward the vortex incrementally. Do not jump in or it will spit you out.

Momentum: The force of moving forward and gaining speed, such as a train, falling off a cliff or a car rolling down a hill. Momentum can go towards what you want or what you do not want.

Bliss: An incredible feeling of well-being. When you are in vibrational alignment with your inner being you can experience a euphoric feeling and happiness.

Unfolding: Allowing energy to flow and that which you have placed in your vortex to arrive in a flowing smooth manner.

Clay: Your life is the clay that you as a creative being have come into this life to mold into what you would like to experience as a spiritual and physical being.

Sticks: There are two ends. That which you want and that which you do not want. Which end are you holding on to?

Resistance: Putting blocks in the way of the flow of energy for what you want to come to being fully. Example: You want more money, so you say you want more money, then you say “but” that just doesn’t happen to me.

Deliberate creating: Focusing to create on purpose instead of by default. Drawing into your vortex things that you want by expressing to your higher self what you desire. Also referred to as “Rockets of Desire”.

Your grid: The framework of your creation that you fill in as you focus on that which you want.

The Stream: the flow into your vortex. Are you going upstream (Resistance) Or downstream (unfolding)?

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I love the stream that I use in my meditations. This is only a small portion of the stream. Originally, I wasn’t going up stream or downstream. In my meditation I would visualize sitting along the bank and watch the things I wanted to manifest flow by and downstream into my vortex. I was basking in the beauty of the visualization, the vegetation, the clear water. One day I was remembering when I was a kid and we would go to the river. In Florida this river flowed to the springs. It was 65 degrees year-round, had a relaxing current, and crystal-clear water. You didn’t even have to paddle or use swim strokes to be able to glide along the current to the springs. You just float and let go and let the river takes you. In my thinking I started to feel a shift. Why was I sitting on the bank and just watching my dreams float by? I jumped in and began floating on my back down the stream along with all I desire. I float in joy, peace and bliss along the stream to those things I have placed in my vortex. I listen to the guidance of my inner self along the way. Floating along with me will one day be an inspiration, the next day it may be money.

When I changed my focus from observing the peaceful tranquility of the stream to floating in it, the level of what was manifesting in my life shifted.

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Love and Blessing,
Ashley J. Spurgoen