Warning about the Laws of Attraction

I have been living a life based on the Laws of Attraction. One thing I know is that this blog needs to come with a warning. What I am sharing is not trying to repeat the teachings others, though I have learned from many. These experiences are based on what I have learned and how my life has so drastically changed.

The Warning

If you are satisfied with your life, do not read this blog. If you love the Adrenalin rush of drama, do not read this blog. If you love to be the victim to get attention, do not read this blog. If you are a pessimistic person, loves to see the bad in situations and people, who do not want to believe that they can have a dream life, DO NOT READ THIS Blog.

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The biggest warning is that if you start learning about the laws of attraction, you will adopt a whole new vocabulary. Attracting what you want, and desire is addicting material. Your life will never be the same; again, your beliefs will change. What is important to you will change.

Once you know something new, you can never un-know it. Your life will propel into a new focus and you will find happiness and joy like you have never experienced. If you are not ready for this life transformation, do not read this blog.

I take a personal approach and try to share what I have learned for you to apply these principles into your life. You, too, can experience the amazing life that before was beyond your wildest dreams. Your dreams can become your reality. As you mold the clay of who you are into who you want to be, as your life flows into joy and peace, your world changes. How you approach and react to life changes. As each individual change we see the world begin to change. So, together let’s change the world one person at a time.

Let me give you an example of a life of flow. Let’s look at a day of peaceful manifesting:

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This morning before I left for work, I thought in my very good mood that traffic will be a breeze and the road will be clear. My commute is in Houston. That may be asking for a lot. Since I live with the laws, I don’t doubt it for one minute. As I left for work, a 25-mile journey along Houston’s highways I notice there was quite a bit of traffic, but there was a huge open roadway around me, all four lanes.  That was an awesome drive. I told myself that I want to be at work by a certain time and I was ten minutes early.

I had a great day, and I sat in my joy and happiness. I get an email a cc’ed from my boss that I am getting a significant bonus. Wow, he has never given bonuses before. I have been there for six years. I was so happy that prosperity is flowing. Then a client came in and brought a thank you gift that was so very nice. He was thanking me personally for being so kind to him in his hard times of need. That doesn’t usually happen. How very nice. Then as the day progressed and everything I completed perfectly to end the month, the quarter, and they year (this means reports), I get another message from my boss saying if I want I may go home early today, though I have already received pay for the whole day. Now I get more time today with my family.

This is just a small example of how the law of attraction works. It was a great day, that isn’t even over yet.

If you are not ready to see your life as a place of joy, opportunities, a dream realized, and blissful experiences then do not read my blog.

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I am writing my book, “Revisiting the Laws of Attraction for 2020″. This is my journey of how these have completely changed my life. I am excited about crossing paths with people who are ready to experience the amazing. We will learn new vocabulary, change our beliefs, and create the lives we have always wanted, TOGETHER. This blog is the way I am sorting my thoughts and feelings to make the book a reality. I am so happy if you join me. Share your experiences and ask questions. Welcome to my very blissful, exciting world.

Love and Blessings,

Ashley J Spurgeon

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