The Joy Is in the Living

The “Law of Attraction” has been around forever. It is a universal law of “like attracts like.” We draw what we most think about what we believe and how we feel.

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But there is a catch. You tell me, “I’m thinking about a million dollars. I think of it often, where is it?” I can tell you that it is waiting for you. Do you truly believe that you will receive one million dollars? You will get the winning lotto scratch off, it will arrive in your mailbox or someone will hand you a check? Those things can be hard to believe so that is what is holding it back. Well in part. That and are you at a vibrational level with your one million dollars? Most likely, you are on the focus of the lack of money in your life so that is where you are. That is what you are attracting.

If you do not believe in something, then it will be difficult to see that “thing” manifest into your life. Let’s learn to play on a smaller scale to open up the path of believing. First, let’s define belief.

Belief is a thought, thought often enough that you see it as true.

Here is a cute story for you. I love playing with the small things and seeing them come to be in my life.

There is a new Star Wars movie out, and my family are fans. We talked about going to see the movie. If we look at our life from an outsider view, this is not practical. My husband lost his job and we are down to the one income. We did at all talk about how it would be nice, but… We just talked about spending time as a family, enjoying our outing together, eating popcorn and watching a movie we would all enjoy together. I didn’t sit in meditation visualizing this happening. I didn’t worry about what would be sacrificed from our budget if we spent money going to a movie. I just felt the fun and the joywe can have. Then I let it go. I guess you can say I delegated it to the universe or my higher being and just let it go.

Within a week, we received not one but two movie gift cars in the mail — more than enough for the 4 of us to go to see Star Wars and have popcorn.

The manifestation s of what we want to come is much easier from a feeling of joy, bliss, and happiness.

When you really really want something, it is usually from the lack of having that thing. You will then focus, consciously or unconsciously, on the lack of having it, and that is what you create. You are now stuck.

How do you get unstuck? This is reality. How can you not see the need or want?

Well, you must change your focus. People tend to believe when they have the money, the lover, the health, the car, or the career, and they will now be happy. Which they might but after a while life settles in again and you want more. Now you need more to be happy. It sounds like a drug addiction doesn’t it?

The thinking here is backwards. Things people and circumstances don’t bring happiness. Happiness creates opportunities, draws people to you, and creates a flow in your life where the amazing can flow into your life.

Our purpose in life is not to accumulate things but to life a fulfilled life of joy, fun, bliss, excitement, peace of spirit in the everyday around us. It is to love without condition and to appreciate it.

I find the more I live from this place, the better life gets.

Life is about living in joy. Not regret what has or hasn’t happened — not worrying over an unseen future. But joy and appreciation in right now.

You may tell me how hard that is because I have no idea about the struggles in your life. I know life can be challenging. If you keep your focus there, it will remain so.

Don’t you want more? In everything you say you want, it all comes down to two things at the base of everything else.

Love and Happiness

Both are easy to achieve. You may have to start small. A few minutes here and a few minutes there. As you practice, it expands. We are expansive beings. Over time with practice, it gets larger and larger, taking up more and more of your life. You will learn to connect more with your inner source which is always at a higher vibration of joy and love. You will be able to feel more of the Universal creative “God Source,” which we are all a part of and infuses everyone and everything.

How do you get there? Take 60 seconds to start. We all have a spear 60 seconds. Look around you right now and appreciate what catches your eye or interest.

I’ll start, and you can follow.

Right now, is a Saturday morning:

  • I love the cool air against my skin
  • I can hear the bird waking and singing
  • My dog greeted me with love and joy this morning
  • I feel good right now
  • My coffee tastes good
  • I really enjoy a quiet few minutes to enjoy my coffee and watch the sun rise
  • I really like my porch and comfortable chairs.
  • I love my private back yard.
  • I really appreciate that we have room for my dog to run and play.
  • I am so in love with our new oak tree.
  • I am excited to see it grow and mature
  • Someday I can watch squirrels play, and birds nest in the amazing tree.
  • I really love my life at this moment.
  • I really like how I feel right now.
  • My heart is light, and this feels good, and I am happy.

Can you feel the vibrational shift that happens as you go through this simple 60-seconds? Your body relaxes, you may find a smile on your face, you can feel a closeness to your inner source or spirit (which is always there).

Today I would like you to give this a try. When you find yourself thinking about the struggles or trails, you feel yourself getting serious, and you don’t feel a lightness in your step. Stop and take a 60-seconds appreciation break.

For those simple and short 60-seconds wright down or speak to yourself everything around you and in you that feels good. Just take in as much as you can.

I do this throughout my day. I’ll go outside and begin listing the good things I appreciate, admire and love with the world around me, my job, my home, the people in my life, those I witness, and more.

I have found my life has become much easier, it has a flow, and I come across interesting people and enjoyable occurrences. How my family is around me has shifted. My inspiration has grown and comes more freely. New opportunities are opening around me.

Practice the 60-seconds of joy and then come back here and let me know what you think. I would love to hear about what you observe as shifting within yourself and around you.