If You can See It, You Can Hold It

“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

I remember this idea from Napoleon Hilo’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” I find it interesting that he wrote this book during the Great Depression.

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I love this concept or process. One big difference between successful people and everyone else is that successful people make decisions quickly. Hold onto this thought, for later.

Back to if you see it, you can hold it.

The energy to have what you want is flowing energy. It is already out there. You need to raise your energy vibration to the frequency of what you are wanting.

If you think, “I want $10,000”, you need to be at the vibrational frequency of receiving $10, 000. Once you have a positive thought, you then need to release it and allow it to flow to you.

The “actors’ principle” is applied here. If you want a financial flowing to you, you must live, think, and feel that financial flowing life. That does not mean a shopping spree and run up all your credit cards and then say I was feeling it. When deep down inside you do not believe that you are the creator or your reality, you will be visiting a bankruptcy attorney before you know it.

Think, feel, and act means have the attitude and live in mind of who you want to be when that is your reality. I want to be a person who’s finances flow nicely. I don’t want to be someone who worries if there will be enough to pay the bills. I meditate to raise my vibration. I practice appreciation through out my day. I think what it will feel like to have my finances flowing. What would my mood be? How will I carry myself? Will I feel more assured and have more confidence? Will I walk taller, dress differently? Will my conversations be different?

As I think of these questions, I also start to alter how I live my daily life. I bring myself to be the person I want to be. I dress how I see myself as I want to be, I carry myself that way. I let the worries melt away because I know that the money I desire will flow into my life.

Here is what happened after I practiced this for a few weeks. The first thing that happened is that I found myself feeling much happier. My days were flowing nicely, traffic was smoother, my days were more productive, and the money began to flow even though my husband was laid-off of his job.

In my last pay period, I was able to send my daughter a sizable sum to help her rent a room, and I paid a nice amount towards my son’s summer trip, on top of my usual bills and groceries that usually left me with almost nothing. Now the income was no different than usual. For some reason the money seemed to go a lot further. It doesn’t make any sense logically, but that is what happened. I’ll accept it. I will allow it. I went to fill my very empty gas take, usually cost about $30.00, and the tank was full at $19. How does that happen?

Not to long ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I would have to pull out my credit cards to get me through the last tank of gas and last groceries before pay day. The last few paydays I have had money left over. My expenses have not changed. What has made the difference? I have been actively seeing myself with the money flowing smoothly in my life. I have been bringing my vibration to that of joy and appreciation. I believe that this is my life and I am allowing it to flow to me. The key to this is 1) appreciation and living with the higher vibrational frequency, and 2) not being resistant to what I am asking for from the universe, God, my higher power.

Let’s talk a little about resistance. It will keep you stuck where you are. If you say, “I want more money” but deep inside you are thinking, “that doesn’t really happen to people like me,” you are going to keep yourself right where you are.

Why won’t that happen for someone like you? I am just as regular and ordinary as you are. There is nothing super special or amazing about me. Yet, this is happening for me. I feel so joyful, hopeful in the future, and I believe there is enough for everyone that asks. Not only that but in my Christian faith it is promised. I have always been a positive optimistic person, so I think that makes it easier to grasp the concepts. People have been using these principles for such a long time.

When we are talking about feeling, thinking, and being what you want in your life I will use the example of a relationship. You have a picture in your mind of who your perfect partner will be. You want to draw this person into your life. You form in your mind how they treat you and care for you. You imagine the passion and even the physical qualities of this person.

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Now take a realistic look at yourself. Are you the type of person who will draw someone like that? If you imagine an active person that will go dancing with you, go to concerts, parks, and art exhibits, are you that person? Or do you sit on the couch watching the bachelor? Can you be the person who will attract and draw the partner of your dreams? You can be. Start feeling like that person. Start dressing like that person, acting like that person, and doing those things that person would love to do. When you start loving yourself as the person who would draw your perfect partner, you will start to see more opportunities being drawn into your life.

I am not saying create a whole new persona you must be your authentic self. But be your best self. Don’t wait for a partner to define who you are. Become the person you wish to be, and the perfect partner will be drawn to you.

If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.

I practiced this with my health with amazing results.

I had terribly painful shoulders. I could feel the bone rubbing on bone. The pain got to unimaginable levels. There were some nights I couldn’t sleep from the pain where I almost woke my husband to take me to the emergency room. What held me back was the impending pain medications and possible surgery or being told I was getting older and I had to accept that my body was wearing out. I was living on Advil and Aleve to get some sleep. I could barely lift the coffee pot or a gallon of milk. I had to stop doing yoga, and it was painful just putting on my seatbelt or reaching for something behind me.

I had enough!

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I decided to change my thinking. Every cell in the body is made up of energy. The body can heal itself. I started seeing my shoulders heal. I saw the cartilage rebuild. I say myself living pain free and having the full range of motion again. I appreciated that I am a healthy person. I appreciated the strength I do have. I stopped thinking about what was wrong and loving what was right. I trusted I would heal and have fluid use of my shoulders again.

I cannot tell you about the healing time frame. One day I noticed that my shoulders didn’t hurt anymore. The pain that used to radiate down my arm into my elbow and often my hand was gone. I carefully checked my range of motion, and I have full range of motion. I can practice yoga again without reinjuring my shoulders.

Our bodies can heal. I stopped thinking and feeling, “oh, I’m getting old and wearing out.” I got out of the way and allowed it to take place, and it did.

If you can think it with your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

Love and Blessings,