The Universal Law of Attraction or Vibration

There are three basis Universal Laws

  1. The Law of Attraction or vibration
  2. The Law of Deliberate Creation
  3. The Law of Allowing

We will go over each separately.

The law of attraction is that which is like unto itself is drawn. Do you remember a day you had that was good? You woke up feeling refreshed and as the day went it just seems to get better? What about a day that was not so good? You wake up, stub your toe and as the day went along it seemed to be full of struggle and frustration.

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This is, of course, living by default, where you make no conscious effort to change the flow of the energy you are drawing into your life.

I always had a mantra that “Happiness is a choice.” I still do. But now that I have been studying the Laws of attraction this statement makes a lot more sense to me. Not only is happiness a choice but I believe when people walk around upset and creating drama in their lives that is also a choice.

Let’s use this morning as an example. I woke up in a pretty good mood. When I first greet my husband, I can shape the course of my whole day when he asks me what I am doing today. I had already decided that this would be a very good day. I greeted him with a smile and a kiss, I meditated on what I wanted to see happening today. I want smooth flowing traffic on my way to work. I want to see happy co-workers today. I want to meet interesting people today. I want to accomplish a large amount of work today. My day unfolded exactly as I wished for it to.

Do I need to explain what energy is? We have been hearing the science for decades. I will be brief just for those who may not have heard. Everything in our universe is made up of flowing energy. It is always in a state of vibration and flow. Just because we see things as physical does not mean they are solid. Everything has this energy.

Thought is energy. Everything thought is a vibration that can attract other vibrations of a similar nature. When you really want something, you will attract that thing vibrationally to yourself. That is the law of Attraction. If you focus on something that becomes a part of your reality.

You may tell me that you have been thinking of one million dollars, but you have not seen it. The reason for that is your thought of not having enough money is a stronger thought or vibration than the thought of having the million dollars. Thoughts create a belief and a belief is what brings what you desire into your reality.

Most people live by default. They let their thoughts and beliefs run their lives without much control. They have a hard time because that is the experience they expect and the thoughts they put out there. Here is an example. Every time I go to a self-check out with my husband something seems to go wrong. We must call over the attendant not once, but repeatedly. This takes more time and causes frustration. When I go by myself, I go with the thought, that using the self-checkout is quick and efficient. I enjoy doing this for myself to save time. He goes to the self-checkout thinking that stores are not like how they used to be. We pay good money to have the service of a checker. Why do we have to do all the work? This is frustrating and it never works. Right. We both in our way of thinking create the situation that we believe to be true. Using the self-checker is quite different for him than it is for me.

Like energy is drawn to itself. If you want more positive experiences in your life, then you must think positive thoughts and create more positive beliefs.

Beliefs are thoughts based on your experience over time. Remember, thoughts are energy. If you have a hard commute to work, people are always rushing, cutting you off and basically rude on the roads, you create the belief that this is a fact, it will always be this way.

You can change your beliefs but playing with different thoughts. Before I leave for my commute, I state that I want a nice smooth ride into work. I want to enjoy the sunrise I will see. The traffic will be smooth, and I will be calm and relaxed when I get to work. 99% of the time this is what I get on my way into work. I live outside of Houston and commute into the city. Houston is not the best-known city for polite traffic. Since I have set this desire and I have had practice with my positive thoughts and attracting what I want instead of what I don’t want then I usually get what I am wanting.

Time works on my side. Even if there is a backup, I find I have plenty of time to get to work. A certain lane is clear, or people are flowing nicely, or some random person lets me in when I don’t even expect it.

Basically, what I am saying is that if you put out to the universe that you want something that is what the universe delivers to you. Whether it is a positive experience or a negative one. The Universe answers.

Most people, with the concepts of manifesting what they want to think of prosperity. We need money to get by in this world. That is a fact. Without money you don’t pay your mortgage eat or put gas in your car.

The universe though, hears in a way we don’t think of. When you say I want money, but your underlying emotion is that you don’t have enough, then your vibration is off. Remember like energies attract. When in your mind you are thinking “I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck, I want more money”. You most likely will continue living paycheck to paycheck. Your vibration needs to be raised to that which you desire.

I struggled with this initially as well. I didn’t believe deep inside that I deserved more. I really did not think that manifesting would work. I challenged my self to think bigger though. I started changing my focus about my finances and my life in general. I would make statements out loud and begin shifting my thoughts. I looked ahead as if I already had what I desired.

First shift, Money replenishes every two weeks. It really does. About every two weeks I had a paycheck deposited into my account for the work I do. If one pay period was ending instead of feeling the pinch, I began looking forward to waking up one morning and seeing my pay in my checking account. That makes me feel good. This happens every couple of weeks. The flow of money in my life makes me feel good. The flow is always there, money is always coming to me.

When people think of the law of attracting money, they are expecting it to come in the form of cash, an unexpected check or to win the lotto. That would be nice but if that is not really part of what you believe to be true for you it most likely will not happen. I find that each pay period I get paid about the same amounts. When I have been working to bring more financial ease or prosperity into my life, the money just seems to go further. The logic of it doesn’t make sense, but as requests come from my kids for help, or a future event needs a down payment, if I am not worrying about where the money will come from, it is just there. The amazing thing also is that I still have some when the next pay period rolls around. You might also find a bill is unexpectedly decreased or a gift is received. The universe does provide when you relax and allow it to.

When you can be in the same vibration of that which you are desiring, the receiving of it comes much quicker. If you are not, then you need to evaluate what thoughts are truly behind how you are asking for things.

When you ask for something is it in a positive manner you are asking for or negative. Winters coming and you say, I don’t want to get sick this year. The Universe does not hear the “don’t” part. Your focus is on sickness and that is most likely what you are drawing to you. Instead don’t think of the past years where you had the cold, or flu. Think about the times you felt well. How good that felt. Then state that this year, you will be well and have plenty of energy and good health. Each time you go through this statement, really see where the thoughts are sitting vibrationally. Are you at don’t want to get sick, or the vibration of strong health? What do you really believe about it? You can shift your thinking and beliefs, by reinforcing the positive.

In a couple of days, we will dive deeper into the Law of attraction and how you are creating the life you ask for. Why is it so hard? That isn’t what I wanted. Why would I have asked for that?We will talk more about living by default and learn how to live with purpose and being sure of what you are asking for.

The project for right now Is to practice living positively. Think of things you appreciate, practice gratitude, think of an optimistic person you know and how they can turn any situation into a positive viewpoint. Practice having a higher positive vibration.

Next, think of one small thing you would like to see and state that you would like to see it. Keep it something simple. This is where you learn to ask and through small steps learn to bring your thinking and beliefs into play. By trying with little things first and then growing it. Before you know it, you will start to see regular positive changes in your life.

Today I want to see a flowering tree, a hummingbird and a five-dollar bill. I am not going to try to find these things. I will be open to experience them. It is late fall now and the first two items are not common this time of year. I stated what I want, now I am going to let it go and let the universe do the work. It may come as right in m face, or it may come as an inspired thought that leads me to it. I don’t try to tell the universe how to bring what I ask for. I ask and release it.

Have a beautiful day with wonderful experiences.

Love and Blessings,