Final Stretch – New Beginnings

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As 2019 comes to an end, we look for ways to make everything we accomplished count. We think back on our goals for the year and see what we accomplished and look forward to what is next. Remember that people most often overestimate one year and underestimate three. If you feel like you did not meet your goals for the year don’t beat yourself up. They are still in the works.

Learn from the things that did not work out. Learning from our mistakes is called growth.

Each year seems to be busy and backed with ideas, new starts, and opportunities. I always feel a little tired at the end of a year, but excited for the one coming up.

I published two books this year, and I have 2 in progress for 2020. I feel very good about getting those milestones completed. They are sitting on my bookshelf now. Completing these goals is a great sense of accomplishment. Visit My Book Shop.

In 2020 I am taking a new direction, or should I say expanding the direction of my coaching practice. Not only to be working one-on-one with amazing people, groups, speaking, etc. But I am going to begin teaching coaching as well. I am looking for people who are facing a life transition. Those who want to work for themselves helping other people reach their new level of potential. Coaching is a fun rewarding field. You meet the most amazing people, have incredible conversations and make lifelong friends.

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If you are like me working in the corporate world facing retirement age in the next 15 years, but not seeing retirement in your future. Coaching and consulting is a great field to investigate. Everyone has an area of expertise they can teach. You can strike out as a consultant who makes $100K+ a year, or as a coach. Either personal or business, your earning potential is only as big as your dreams.

I am looking forward to working with up and coming coaches and teaching how to create clients and a fully functioning business by having conversations with people. There are no hard sells, no online marketing, no landing pages, and sales funnels.

If you are interested in exploring your future possibilities as a coach or consultant, please reach out to me. With the blessings of the internet, you can be anywhere in the world and still have this dynamic, life-changing new direction in life.

I am so excited to begin working with the next generation of coaches who are going to impact the lives of others.

Love and Blessings,