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I am really excited to announce the opening of my book shop. I love to write. So I put everything I think and learn down on paper. I guess I am old school that way. I don’t keep notes on my iPhone or iPad. I carry notebooks around with me so I never miss a moment to jot down a new revelation or idea. I usually have at least two notebooks on me at all times.

I finally decided to create my book shop and offer the books I have written. They are available through Amazon and what is really nice about that is if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read these books for free.

I am a book hoarder though. I love hard backs and paperbacks. Unfortunately though, Amazon does not publish in hard back. So, paperback it is. It is my dream one day to have a house with an actual library in it. You know the wood paneled walls, the wing back chairs in front of a fireplace.

Right now I have two books available with two more coming soon. My writing is everything from business and marketing, both in the real world and on-line to healing and self-love to manifesting. Someday these online shelves will be full. I thought of writing online courses but choose writing books instead. The reasons behind this is that about 70% of people who purchase online courses do not even finish them. A book you can throw in your purse, back pack or brief case and take it with you. Or to read them on your mobile devise which you have with you anyway. Instead of creating an online course and charging hundreds or thousands I can offer my advice and experience for the price of a book. Thanks for browsing and enjoy.

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