Taking care of You first

I lead a very busy life. As a wife, mother, writer, coach, and a full-time marketing director of a law firm.

Being so busy can take a lot of out a person, physically, mentally and emotionally. To top it off we let our receptionist at work go and chose not to hire a new one until after the Holiday season. What does this mean? I now have two full time jobs to fulfill and keep the target of working no more than 40-hours a week.

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You must understand that a receptionist at a small law firm doesn’t just answer phones and direct calls. They handle client retention, scheduling, collections, and many more responsibilities. It is a full-time job unto itself, and now I am balancing the whole front office on my own. At first, I was thinking, “what did I get myself into?” But as a coach and consultant that works with priorities, time management, productivity, spiritual well-being, manifesting, and health and wellness, it is the perfect time to look at what I believe is true and put it into a higher gear of practice.

My schedule at work was working 6:30 am to about 4:00 pm. I loved this schedule because I avoided the worst of Houston traffic and I was able to be highly productive for my best hours. I knocked out so much work between 6:30, and 8:30 am. Now my hours to run the front office from 8:30 to 5:30. I no longer have my highly productive time being used to my best advantage and I hit the worst of Houston Traffic.

I had to spend some serious time rethinking how to structure my days and my times to handle two jobs, a shift in time frames, not wear myself out, and being more susceptible to illness because of exhaustion.

Here are some of the ways I have put more into the same number of hours.

  1. I made a strict plan of action at work on which duties I am handling in which days. If there was an overflow of work, I asked for help. Monday and Wednesdays, I am focusing on reception, client retaining and collecting documents to prepare filings for new cases. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am focusing on the marketing duties I have. Having a structured schedule will eliminate the wasted energy of jumping around from task to task. I have better use of my time.
  2. I make sure I spend quality time with my family. I take time to visit with each member individually and have everyone eat dinner together. At home, just like at work I am asking for help to ease some of the overflows. Getting home later at night (It is already dark out) gives less time to rest, relax, and enjoy the people I work so hard to help support. I do not want the whole focus of my life to be my job.
  3. I make sure to get 8-hours of sleep a night. I have my sleep timer set on my iPad to remind me 30 minutes before bedtime, and it gently wakes me 8 hours later.
  4. I take time for gratitude. Recognizing what you are thankful for is one of the most important things you can do to live a happy life. My day begins and ends with gratitude. Practicing gratitude only takes a few moments but can turn any situation or attitude to one of peace, love, and joy. Things I cannot live without in my daily life.
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  1. I use my commute wisely. Now that my drive time has greatly increased, I use this time to educate and enrich myself. I listen to a pod cast, autobiographies, and learning along my drive.
  2. I take care of my health. If I can feel my energy draining, and I find myself with more aches and pains. The seasons are changing, and I have vowed to be healthy and strong this year. I promised my boss good health, so they have someone covering the front office daily. I have been watching what I eat, juicing for full benefits of vitamins and getting regular exercise. My breaks at work, you will see me briskly walking laps in the parking lot. Getting a few minutes of exercise clears my mind, resets for the next couple of hours, and keeps my blood flowing.
  3. Keep my social life alive. Make a priority to spend some time with friends. I have plans to attend a Christmas party and a lunch date with a friend coming soon. Having plans gives me things to look forward to that are not work related. It is important to maintain a balance in life to stay strong, healthy and happy.

The holiday season is busy enough without taking on a second job at work. With the right mindset and practices in place, it is possible to do what seems impossible. Practicing what I preach is important to me. Setting the right priorities, keeping family and friends a priority and maintaining health and wellness in what is usually a very high-stress situation. I work with these principles and more with my one-on-one personal coaching. If you know someone who is interested, please contact me.