Finding Your Transformation

My Journey to See the Change I have Dreamed of.

My whole life is about change and transformation. I see it in my personal life and that is also a huge goal in my coaching and professional life. Transformation not just for myself but for others as well.

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I think one thing that creates hesitation for people is they think, or even fear, that transformation will be so drastic that it will create chaos and disorder in their lives. Transformation is actual a process that brings peace and harmony to one’s life.

I think a second fear is that people will have a grand vision, and then be disappointed because this vision is not actually attainable.

What we do in coaching is learn that none of this must be your reality. Transformation is not a disruptive force in your life.

It is a slow and steady process that envelopes and enriches the life you have.

I am currently working the life book program. The program introduces you to the 12 areas of life that create the whole you. (If you want to know more about this astounding program look up Jon and Missy Butcher. They developed this program)

Your personal life:

  • Health & fitness
  • Intelligence
  • Emotional Life
  • Your Character
  • Spiritual Life

Your Relationships

  • Love Relationship
  • Parenting
  • Your social Life


  • Financial Life
  • Career


  • Quality of life
  • Life vision

What I am doing is looking at each area deeply. I am going to share my adventure and path along this journey. I am welcoming you to join in as an observer or as a participant.

I look at what current and deepest beliefs I have in an area that is holding me back from being my best in this area of my life. What is limiting me. I also look at why I am holding onto these beliefs and how I feel that is serving me.

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The next step is to define my vision in this area. What do I really want this part of my life to be for me? How can I live my fullest in this area?

Next is my why. Why do I need to have this vision? How will I feel, look, act and live if I life my full vision in this area? What will my life look like at a certain period if I do this completely? (1 year, 5 years)

The last part is what do I need to do to get what my vision is. This is the part that scares some people. They imagine the way to health and fitness is to drastically change their diet. To have a loving relationship they will have to leave their current one and begin again. For career happiness they will need to quit their job and start something different, maybe at a lower pay.

To find transformation in life does not always involve huge steps and radical change. It involves a slight shift in your thinking. Breaking through past limiting belief that hold you back and no longer serve you.

Here we learn self-disciple and create small healthy habits that point your life in the direction you wish to go. Not huge steps. With the small shifts you will find over time that you are creating an exponential shift.

Think of like the ship or plane that you point 1 degree off course. Over the course of the trip they can end up hundreds of miles from the original destination.

Right now, if you have no changes in your life, if you keep doing everything the same, you are living your default life. It will keep you heading in a predictable path. But a simple degree shift and change the path of your whole life. This is called an exponential shift because when practiced over time you will see your life head in a direction better than you even dreamed.

These concepts are what we work with in transformational Coaching. The reason I like to work with clients for a year is that we have a chance to witness an amazing shift in people’s life.

Each week I will share about one of the 12 areas and how I have experienced a shift in thinking. Some of the daily and weekly habits in am putting into practice. How I am developing my consistency and self-disciple. A struggle for most people in this day and age. I will also share the impact it has on my thinking, my personal self, my relationships, my business and my overall life vision.

If this is something you would be interested in exploring for yourself at a much deeper level, then let’s have a conversation. Coaching may be a right decision for you to begin your path to a transformative life. Having someone who is honest and open, can help you see limiting beliefs, gives you a listening ear, guidance and facilitates achieving the breakthroughs you desire.

You can go to my contact us page, or email me.