The Lost Generation

We hear about the baby boomer, millennial’s, generation x, y and z. Believe it not there is another generation between all of those. We are the lost generation and we are just coming to our own. We are the generation no one mentions.

Very interesting to me because at this time I believe we are a generation that can and will make a huge impact. Watch out here we come. I will keep referring to us as a lost generation only because I don’t believe we have another name.

Right now we are between 45-65 year old.  We are still very energetic, vibrant and up and coming. most of us still have a true shade of hair color. We remember radar ranges, rotary phones and black and white tv’s. We watched the technological age come about. We remember the 1970’s oil crisis, the competition between beta and VCR, some of us remember our dad’s being and even dying in Vietnam. We watched women’s rights come about and desegregation was a part of our lives. Before it turned back into racial hatred. We remember religion being a part of daily life. It was a part of our moral upbringing. No matter which religion.

We are the generation that remembers commodore computers, the original Atari and long distance calls on rotary phones being very expensive. I believe we were a kinder more compassionate generation. We were not raised to be entitled. We are the latch key kids. We were raised independent, strong and compassionate. But we got lost in the outcries of the other generations.

Now is our time.

Welcome to our new life and mission. We are the people that have worked in the background. We were taught to not stand out or raise a stink if we didn’t agree with something. Now we are older and wiser. We have all lead very hard lives and have learned so much from them. We were the last generation that was not medicated for everything that ails us.

We are so very strong and determined. But what are we facing if we do not step up now? We have no pension plans; very little retirement savings and we do not have much hope that we can count on any kind of social security to take us into our retirement year. We see global warming, social injustice and the rampart hate ruining our lives.

What we have is heart. A strong desire to see a better world. One of love, compassion and tolerance for our differences and differences of opinion. We are not comfortable with the level of hate demonstrated today.

So, you may be asking yourself, as one of my peers? What do we have to offer at this time in our lives? We look at the impact makers online and they are all so young and energetic. Yes, they are. I follow a lot of them as well. I am so happy for them and very excited about the messages they share. But really, their message cannot overshadow what we have to share.

But I also look at the message board (sorry they are not called that any more LOL) Face book etc. and I see those around my age reaching out. The one thing they ask is where are the people my age. Who can relate to me and how can I make a difference? Follow me, I have a message to share for those who want to make a difference. For those who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and do something incredible with their life. I for one do not want to end my life with any regret that I could have done so much more.

I guess that one thing that inspired me is when someone said, “Write your own obituary”. What do you want to be remembered for? I want to make a difference and an impact.  (Thank you Daren Hardy)

Well, let me share something with you. At our time of life, we are in a position to make a huge difference. We can bring so much healing, clarity and direction to those who are coming after us. We have years of life experience, work experience, parenting experience and relationship experience. Who better than us to reach out and make a difference right now?

I have such joy in creating better lives for others. Well, I don’t create them I help inspire them. We have wisdom to share and years left to give it. I spent years as a counselor and working in women’s ministry. Now I work as a transformational coach. Nothing in my life has ever been more fulfilling.

As a traformational Life coach I get to impact lives of others. But there are so many people out there from this generation who would be a huge impact if they would also reach out to others. We are the lost generation that can help others find their way.

I love the lost generation, A term that could sound negative is actually very positive. We are a people who have learned to love, tolerate, hurt and heal, love and grow. We have a tremendous amount to share. I would love to teach others, have deep conversations with others, how to use our unique gifts and talents to help others thrive in peace, love growth and harmony.

Stay tuned for more I have so much to share. If you are interested in talking to me one-on-one then please email me. I cannot wait to get to know you and see what impact you have to share. Even if it sounds really scary to you. Please step out of your comfort zone and sent a quick email, It was scary for me too. 

Love and Blessings, Ashley J Spurgeon

P.S. I read this to my son and most of the things I referred to, he had no clue about. If you do know what I am talking about then I am speaking to you. We can make a huge difference now. Learn how.