Starting your Coaching Practice Later in Life

As you scroll through the internet you see that coaching is a huge field with more people entering every day. You have thought about learning coaching and starting your own business. That may seem intimidating because the internet is full of coaches. Yet, people have told you for years that you would be good at helping people. You have a natural flow of conversation and people are comfortable sharing with you. But there are so many excuses keeping you from really exploring this as an option.

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  • What you are doing now may not bring you joy, or even much of a challenge anymore but you have a steady paycheck.
  • The coaches you see out there really rocking the coaching world are all so young and energetic. How can you compete with that?
  • Isn’t it late in life to start something new?
  • It would take so long to learn something new.

And that is just a few of the things going through your mind. You can add to the list to fit the things that are telling you no.

Let me answer some of those concerns.

  • If you have no joy or challenge in what you are doing, how are you growing. We, as humans, are beings that desire learning, growth, and challenge. How much is this unhappiness costing you in other areas of your life? Does this stagnation affect your health and your relationships? Not being challenged and growing can cost you in ways you don’t even see immediately.
    • Yes, the paycheck is nice. Security is a great feeling. You do not have to leave your day job to become a coach. Take on one client on the weekend and have two prospect calls. You can start slow and small and as you grow then you can start a gradual shift from full-time employment to coaching.
  • I love to see the energy of the young coaches. They have such a fire for life. They are helping thousands like themselves. But if you take a long, hard, and honest look at who you are, where you have come from and years of skills and experience; look at what you have to offer that they are just starting in their lives. You have years of work experience – you can be a business coach. You have years’ experience in relationships – you can be a relationship coach. You raised happy, health, and secure kids and grandkids. You can be a parenting coach. You gained wisdom and strength through a difficult and challenging life. You are a strong person and have learned much. You can be a life coach. The possibilities are endless, and the need is there
    • There are thousands of coaches and that can seem like a flooded market. But if you look realistically there are 7.7 billion people on the planet. As coaches we want to serve people and mankind. The more people coaching the better we can help our world become more kind, caring, empathetic, united, and healed. We don’t need thousands of coaches we need an army.
    • Those who are attracted to you for coaching will be different people and personalities than those I serve. There are clients for everyone out there because we are as unique as our clients. Not everyone is going to click with my personality, but they may be the perfect fit for how you serve people.
  • It is never to late to start something new. In fact, coaching can be an amazing late life career for those like me that did not see a financial path to retiring. Not only will you have an income in those years, you will have a strong connection to people that helps us thrive longer and stronger in life. About the fears our generation faces regarding retirement read my article, “Retirement? What is that?”  Where I discuss the challenges of our unseen generation face as we near retirement age.
    • You are never to old to begin something new. You will find a renewed energy and passion being able to serve people in a genuine and authentic way.
  • There is some learning involved with coaching. But it does not take long to begin your path. You already have conversations with people. Now you can invite people to have deep conversations with a purpose. With coaching you begin, then you learn as you go. There are so many resources out there to help you along your way.
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Ok, maybe you will step outside of your comfort zone and do something incredible for yourself, your family and those you meet. Coaching is an incredible life.  Now, you ask yourself what is the first step?

  1. Get a coach of your own.
    1. You cannot sell what you do not invest in yourself.
  2. Start looking for opportunities to coach others.
    1. People and invitations are all around us. When you first begin coaching the best way to do it is just jump in with both feet. Remember when you were a kid and the pool was cold, but everyone wanted to go swimming. What did you do? You took a big breath, said, “I can do this” and you jumped right in. No one is born a great coach. They get that way by coaching, coaching and doing more coaching.
    1. Do not just throw advice to others. Ask to coach people. Create a coaching experience.
  3. Be a part of a likeminded supportive community. Find one person, a few, a group of coaches. Be there to encourage and support each other. Grow together and have a community where you can share your successes and your fails. A place of openness and non-judgement.
  4. Take a course. There are so many resources. I’m not talking about how to build a website, sales funnel, or lead magnets as most are selling on-line. I am talking coaching training with a live instructor to ask questions of, an intensive or a retreat.

Ask for help when you need it. If you need coaching on how to get started, set realistic goals, enrolling clients, building self-confidence. Please contact me and let’s have a conversation. Together we can create a vision and action steps to help this happen for your life. You can have a business that brings in income, frees up your time, opens the door to new connections, friends and associates. If you are already coaching but are not sure how to create and enroll clients you can also contact me. Together we can get to you the next level of your coaching to create the results you desire. I look forward to hearing from you soon. It is never to late to have a life that is better than you ever dreamed possible.