Retirement? What is that?

I don’t have one in my future.

When we were young people would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” So, we formed an answer and a possible path.

Our parents lived the structured life of learning a trade or going to college and having a career. They worked 40 years, earned a pension and then retired. We learned in the ’60s, ‘70s, and early 80’s to do the same. This is what we were taught was expected of us, and this is what we have strived to do. The problem is that the world of our parents was formed by the industrial revolution, and we live in a world of the technology revolution. We are the lost generation. Our parents retired and are living nice quiet lives with their pension plans, Gen X, Y, Z Millennial’s are blowing out the gig and entrepreneurial lifestyles. What are we to do? Most people do not even know what a pension is anymore. I don’t know about you, but my first job that even offered a 401K retirement plan was only offered to me 6-years ago over the age of 40 and way to late to be able to build up retirement savings that my family can live on. Let’s not even start the discussion that when we finally get to retirement age there will be no more social security left for us.

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We are not the generation people talk about. The world has not been kind to us. We have had multiple jobs in multiple fields over our lives. The old recording of “What do you want to be?” sends waved of feelings of failure because we could not be just one thing to survive in this ever changing world that we were not raised to thrive in.

My husband and I have had so many conversations, and I’m sure you have also, of how bleak the future looks for our generation. Retirement is not even in our future. I had many sad sleepless nights thinking about this. I really do want time to travel, play with grandkids, grow a garden, and just spend quality time loving my husband. The reality is that there will be no retirement and no time traveling. Playing with grandkids will be on holiday trips such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Taking time to grow a garden will be a weekend hobby and spending time with my husband will still be occurring in between working hours. This is very sad.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. I wanted to change my mindset about all of this. I thought to myself, If I was retired, what would I be doing? I would have time to serve people, have conversations and help people be happier, more secure in themselves and stronger in their lives. I figured that if I have to spend the rest of my life working, I want to do something that I am in love with. I want to do something that makes me feel full-filled, and my life have a strong purpose.

I dove in and learned coaching. My gifts are communicating and connecting with people. My skills are the years of experience I have in work and life. I found I was highly qualified for this position and it resonated in my heart. My husband would say the field is saturated and there is too much competition. I wouldn’t listen to him because there are millions of people who don’t have coaches. I am unique in my view and approach, so I have my own market share. We need an army of coaches reaching out and helping people grow to have the world we want to live in.

Do you have a plan for your future? Are you going to be able to retire comfortably and live the life you dreamed of? If you say yes to this, you are one of the few lucky ones who had financial forethought at an early age. Most of us didn’t, and we need to have a dream, a plan and action steps to begin building our hearts’ desires.

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We are a generation of people with exceptional knowledge and skill that can reach out to mass amounts of people.

You say, why bother there are thousands of people online teaching coaching. They already have thousands of coaching clients. How could I come in this late in the game and make an impact? Well, I’ll tell you that is exactly what I am doing.

If you really look at what everyone else is doing is teaching how to build your subscriber lists, build converting landing pages, and get thousands of likes on Facebook and twitter. I take a very different approach, and it is working. There is a huge untapped market out there, and I can’t wait to share it with you. The internet is their world, not ours. That is what they know, and I cheer their success, but when this fad subsides will their business be sustainable, or will they have to build something new when their revenue stream runs out. Honestly, I am tired of everyone trying to sell me.

I really don’t care what everyone else is doing. What I am doing is genuine and authentic. What I do builds relationships and helps people find, AND REACH, their dreams. People like me. Those who thought they would have to work until they die. Those whose futures looked bleak and desolate. Those who are close enough to retirement to be scared of it.

I work with men and women just like me. We have deep, impactful conversations and transform lives. What is your future where you are at right now? Do you stay for security? Work 9-5 to bring home the paycheck that pays the bills this pay period? Knowing that job security in this day and age is an illusion. Do you want an answer to these questions of what next? What will I do if…?

These are the questions I help people answer. I want to show you how you can still retire. I want you to have the security of knowing you can still live a life that greatly impacts others and the world around you. You are smart, have years of experience. skills, and knowledge at your disposal that already makes you an expert in several areas of life. We can take a journey together to transform your life to the one you didn’t even dream of before because we were taught differently. But, we were taught wrong.

If you would like to have a conversation about where you would like to go with your life, then lets schedule a talk. No charge. A deep conversation.

  • If you want to build confidence
  • If you want to find a passion
  • If you want to set actionable goals
  • If you want to change what your future will look like
  • Do you want to build a fun revenue stream that will support you in your retirement years?

Then you need to talk with me. What makes me so special? Absolutely nothing. I just know I can make a difference. We can take you out of your default life and create an amazing exponential life. You are the one who is amazing, and I desire to tap into that.

Why do I know this is possible? Because I have done it. I have drawn from my passion, skills, gifts, and experience to create something beautiful that will move me gracefully through my retirement years — something I enjoy so much more that being the old lady in the office.

I would love to speak with you today to see how we can form and create your dream as well. It is very do-able. Leave me an email and let’s begin talking about what you want for the rest of your life. Lets get inspired and find the goals and actions to create this real life vision and put it into action. Let’s build our latest phase of life into our best one yet. We are looking at the community, connections with people, the joy of watching others grow, and like I said an untapped marketplace.

Who are my conversations for?

  • People that have already sustained success in the workplace but want more.
  • People that have dread about how their future will play out.
  • Those that want to feel good about what they are doing to make the world a better place.
  • Those that want to build a strong foundation financially for their family and their future.
  • Those that want to free up their time to enjoy living this time in their lives.

I am really looking forward to talking to you. Please email me now. I know it is scary and you might think that this would be too much for you right now. Just follow your instinct to dare to do something different.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A 1-2 hour conversation isn’t going to cost you anything.

I am a blunt and honest person. One thing I hate is everyone saying take my webinar, read my eBooks, download my free course, it is free (Which it might be) and they don’t ever tell you that the last 15 minutes is always a sales pitch to buy their next bigger program.

I will be upfront. My Phone consultation (1-2 hours) is free. My emails are free; my Facebook and LinkedIn are free. I am a coach, and that is how I make money.

That one phone call may be all you need. It will be deep and impactful. You WILL have at least one great insight and an action plan after that. You may not need anything more. Or we can have follow-ups through email and chats later on. You choose to work with me one-on-one will be your choice if we are a right fit, and if you feel this is the right path for you. I will not give you a hard sell. I might make future offers such as group coaching, retreats, and follow-ups. But even those would be your choice. First, I want to meet you and see how much we can accomplish in a 2-hour phone or video conversation. If you are in the Houston area, I would love to meet you face to face, because that has the greatest impact. I want to see our generation be the one that breaks the record books for success late in life.

I am Ashley Spurgeon. I work with people one-on-one and in small groups to change the trajectory of their life. I help those just like me find their dream and make it a reality. I am so excited to meet you and to be able to travel this journey with you. I am a speaker, writer, mother, wife, employee, daughter, motivator, friend, guide, confidant. I will not let life hold me back, and I will not fear my future. You don’t have to either. Please join me.

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