You Don’t Need a Coach!

If you want to see life transformations happen you will want a coach.

Everywhere you look online, you see adds for coaching. No matter what topic you are researching, someone is offering to coach. 1,000 clients in 30-days, 7-figure income in 90-days how to create a sales funnel, landing pages that will convert, videos and pod casts. These are great if you want to learn new skills but what about the deep coaching people desire.

Honestly, I have trained myself to skip all of these. I was attracted to these salespeople in the beginning. The promises sounded great, and they almost had me believing that I could work their programs and be a success much faster than if I just followed my own, passion, experience and skills.

As I looked around online at people who were calling themselves coaches, I saw repeating patterns of what these few taught. Coaching itself was seeming rare but teaching skills to acquire clients was growing; everyone was using the same wording and apparent systems. To me, what they are offering seems more like consulting than coaching, and this is not where I wanted to serve my clients. I know if I had tried their systems, I would be wearing myself out. So, what did I do?

I retreated. I pulled down almost all my on-line materials and took a good long look at who I am, what I offer to clients, and what my desire to offer is. How do these things align? How can I show up with my clients as an authentic, genuine person?

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Do you know what? It felt great. I turned off all my notifications and just set times to check emails and things that I thought were meaningful or uplifting. I worked with my coaching and listened to my mentors. I found that after about one week I could feel a very important shift. I found a new focus and direction that I am meant to go and those I am serving. I am excited.

Now, I started off saying you don’t need coaching. I was not mistaken, and you don’t — the high achievers, those that want a challenge and accountability to improve, want to be coached. There is a big difference. You are learning a new skill, which is teaching and consulting. A coach is the one person who shows up fully and dives deeply. A coach is a person who will say or ask what others will not. They listen, they look beneath the words and bring out the best you can be.

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I love the quote by Rich Litvin, “What brought you to your success today is what is now holding you back.” These insights and breakthroughs are where coaching brings miracles.

What makes coaching different from consulting is that deep transformational coaching is personal and intimate, whether it is one-on-one or group coaching. The coach and the client build a relationship through deep conversations. Often you will spend any where from 2 or more hours together before you ever discuss a client coaching relationship.

In coaching sessions, I show up powerfully and look for a moment when the perceptions shift, and realizations are born. This slight shift in thinking can change the path of your life forever. No, I change that, not can but will.

The shift happened several times in my own life to propel me forward when I though I had already hit the top of my potential, but I wanted more. I found there is always a new level to achieve. Life grows, possibilities grown, and the dream grows.

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