The Launch

Ashley J Spurgeon
Transformational Life Coaching

I feel it is time to step up what I do and who I coach.

Have you looked at the online coaching lately? It is kind of a mess out there. You see so many similar offers, similar systems, and most are all saying the same thing. I do admire the long hours, hard work and large financial investment these good-hearted well-meaning people have made.

In my experience, though, people are often confusing consulting, counseling, and coaching.

Consulting is teaching people something new or in a new streamlined, more productive way.

Counseling is helping people resolve their past pains so they can move forward into a productive, healthy life.

Counseling takes years of education, licensing, and many more years of internship to not cause more damage to hurt people. Counseling needs to be left to the professionals.

I do know there are so many well trained, caring, and experienced coached who are skilled in helping people attain their desired results.

I am talking about all the “NEW COACHES” who signed up for a program promising unimaginable wealth with the course completion. Now they are all selling similar courses and calling themselves professional coaches.

I guess a good way to gauge who you are signing up with asking yourself, “What are they selling?”

If you see mostly pre-recorded or automated courses, you might get some valuable training and information. You will not receive the impactful coaching you receive through the relationship building of one-on-one coaching.

That is what most people seeking coaching is looking for though. That connection and relationship with a person who will challenge your thinking, question you about moving you forward. Someone who is personally asking these questions. Someone who is going to be open, honest and authentic with you, and asks the same in return. A bold coach is willing to say things to you that everyone else is too scared to say.

“If you enter a market and do not know what to do, watch what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite if you want to succeed.” Earl Nightingale

What is the difference between Holistic, life, health or business coaching, and transformational coaching?

  1. I courageously lead my clients in the most powerful way possible.
  2. I will be the first and only fully committed listener in your life.

What do you really, really, really want?

3. We will dive deeper into the question than you ever have before.

Who are my clients?

  1. They must be inspiring or have an inspiring mission.
  2. They must make or be ready to make a big impact in the world.
  3. They must bring a challenge – I’m not looking for an easy ride.
  4. They must understand the power of commitment.

Do you know someone who can benefit from coaching of this caliber? I only take 5 clients a year, but I’m always open to a conversation to speak with people about their dreams.

Clients cannot enroll with me. They are by invitation or referral only. If you know someone, I do have an opening in September. Give them my information and have them reach out so we can have a conversation.

Stay tunes to my blog posts, pos casts, and videos. We are moving up to the next level of greatness.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon.

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