Are You a Genuine Person?

12 Traits of genuine people.

We all like to think that we are authentic and genuine but are we really? What are some of the unique traits of these people? Do you share these traits, and can you develop them if you don’t?

A genuine person is the type of person people love to be around. They are open, caring and sharing. Let’s look at a few traits.

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  1. They are self-confident:

Genuine people know who they are. They are comfortable in their own skins, and they do not need the reaffirmation from others that they are good or beautiful. They are not braggarts and not at all cocky. They speak only from wisdom and experience and understand the value of listening. In fact, they listen more than they speak.

2. They don’t care what others think

A genuine person is secure in who they are. They do not build their self-worth based on the opinions of others. Through self-reflection you can see your own worth. What kind things did you do? Are you consistent and steadfast? Do you take good care of yourself? Do you dress in a way that makes you feel good? Are you an honest person?

One thing I have learned over years of observing others is that they really do not pay attention. People are focused on themselves. They will notice you only if it is somehow impactful to themselves. Remember when you start to feel self-conscience, others are worried about what everyone thinks about them.

3. They take responsibility for their lives and their mistakes.

We are all 100% responsible for ourselves. There is no one else to blame for things that go wrong. If your relationship is struggling, have you given 100%. Now can you do that with no expectations of return. This is how it should be. Taking responsibility. When something goes wrong earn up to it. You made a mistake at work, it happens. Now fix it or find solutions. When I must would tell my boss that I messed up I always went in with here is what I did to fix it. I Have never had a conflict with him over mistakes because I am owning it 100%. I’m also not looking to someone else to fix it or find solutions. I have that when I present what went wrong.

4. They are always learning.

Life is a constant adventure. We are always traveling a path to improve and better ourselves. Learning is a never-ending path to get where we are going. Remember the end is not the destination, the joy is in the journey. Successful people who settle and relax when reaching success, will not continue to be successful. There is always learning and growth.

5. They practice what the preach.

There is nothing fake about a genuine person. They walk the talk. If they say they have a goal, the follow through. They don’t make false promises. I have certain ideas and mindsets about raising children. I am speaking of them because I have been a mother for over 30 years, and I have watched my kids grow to be successful, independent strong adults. Genuine people don’t talk from the place of what the latest blog post said, they speak from experience. When we talk about how to open and be more friendly, letting new people and experiences into your life to banish the void of loneliness. It is because I have walked this path. I still do, every day. I am friendly to everyone. Even if I don’t feel super happy that day. I know others are experiencing worse and my being kind may turn their day around, possibly even their life. (Who knows) .

7. They speak from a deeper place and make themselves vulnerable.

Again, no fear of what others think. Small talk is not attractive to genuine people. They don’t feed gossip. They seek out deep and life sharing conversations. They speak openly about life experience and grow because of this.

8. They have a sense of humor.

They understand that the joy of life is in everyday living. Not in money, success, or what you own. They see joy in the little things of life.

9. They respond to internal expectations not external.

Genuine people spend time thinking on their OWN beliefs, ideas and expectations. They tend to forge their own path. This is not always easy because it may be contrary to the ideas and beliefs of family and friends.

10. Genuine people are not afraid of failure.

They have an innate understanding that failure is the path to success, they forge ahead and use each failure as a steppingstone to succeeding in their goals and dreams.

11. They tell the truth.

Again, the quality of being real and not caring what others think. I know that I often share my failures with others because I know I grew from the experience. I don’t have to make up falsehoods to impress others. It is not easy to keep up a lie anyway. When you know you are living an honest life you can sleep better at night also. You are setting the example for others around you, especially your children.

12. They do not judge others.

They know that people are unique and original. They do not judge others and don’t try to change them.

Do you wish to be more authentic and genuine? It is not difficult. You have a conscience and instincts to lead you in the right direction with each choice you make.

I have developed my course Intentional Living that not only sets people on the path of success but the path to be an authentic and genuine person. They go hand in hand. Those people who have been highly successful also often have great personal character. That is the magnet that draws people to them.

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