Sleepwalking Though Life

We have the intention of loving life. We want to be happy. We want to create fun, memorable experiences.

What we get is one day after another that all feel just about the same. We begin to feel as if it just doesn’t make any sense. Nothing spectacular is happening. The treadmill is getting old. We feel empty, unsatisfied, resentful, and maybe even angry.

Get off the treadmill

How do we make it stop and start living the life we knew we are meant to live? Like anything in life, it takes work. I’ll be honest. I get tired of seeing all of the promises for quick fixes, a sudden turn around, and “You can make one million dollars in 90 days.” Life is not easy, but the journey can be exciting and enjoyable. But the reality is that change, and success take work.

We a community of high achievers who want more know we can do it, and we can do this with a light heart, joy, and excitement: not a quick fix, but lasting peace and joy for living.

One thing very different about my program is that I do not promise the false potential for quick success. I teach steps that are not that difficult but are sustainable over a lifetime. A path to the consistent improvement of being able to maintain and grow your success, whether it is in weight loss, finances, business success, improving your relationships, or learning to live in your skin. Happiness – that is what we want. We want to be accepted, appreciated, and to be happy.

You have been reading my posts and know that I am a very eclectic person. Even my education was that way with psychology and marketing. But what I have learned, lived, and drawn from those are amazing. I am now developing my courses to help you with all I have learned to be a happy, successful person in all areas of your life.

So, let’s have a conversation. You can use the comments below or email me directly. If you were going to take a course what area of your life do you want to first and most see success?

  • weight loss, health, and fitness
  • money management and finances
  • Successfully building your small business and reaching thousands
  • Relationships and love
  • Relationships with your kids
  • Organization
  • Personal peace and well-being.

Let me know your highest areas of interest. I will eventually have courses for all these topics, but first, I want to know where your greatest struggles lie.

Are you not sure? Do you have a general dissatisfaction but not sure where it is stemming? Download the wheel of life worksheet for free. Follow the directions. The Wheel of life is a very enlightening tool to see where you are not experiencing satisfaction in your life. You are welcome to email it to me when you finish, and we can discuss how you can move forward.

You don’t get signed up for any mail lists by downloading the worksheet. The worksheet is 100% for you. You may email me your finished copy and add any questions you have.

Want more information about the upcoming course. Please sign up here.

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