Sad and Lonely?

How to get out of those feeling.

Sadness and loneliness are such disheartening feelings. These emotions leave you feeling empty like there is a void inside.

The physical manifestations are also not very good. What do you do to fill up?

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  • Eat when not hungry
  • Sleep more
  • Sleep less
  • Watch countless hours of TV.
  • Spend money you should not have

The thing is that there may not even be anything wrong. You feel what you feel. You know that you have a good life. You have friends a partner that loves you, great kids, a good job, you have paid the bills, and there is food in the fridge. But Why?

Sometimes it just happens. Maybe you have lost your perspective. I enjoy living through gratitude when I feel this way. I write down three things I am thankful for in each area that comes to mind. My partner, my job, my finances, my home, as I go, the list keeps growing. I make sure that what I write are not just rote answers, but I dig deep to find something I may never have noticed before to be grateful.

I put my electronic down except for some music. I love my music. I shut off the TV. The funny thing is that others cannot turn on the News when there is music in the house.

Speaking of news. Most of it has no barring on your life or your goals. Junk in junk out. Do you need to hear all the negative talk and events?

I do my hair, makeup, and dress in something fun. Just because, not that I am looking for compliments. I am only doing this for me. It lifts my spirits.

I get outside. Leave the closed up stale air and false lighting. For us here in SE, Texas, being outside can be a challenge. I sit on my shady porch, and I have a fan turned on me. It feels good. I listen to my music and write in my journal. I don’t spend a sad and lonely time focusing on myself. I write ideas for my blogs and maybe some upcoming courses.

Writing puts my focus on others; I see how what I share can positively impact the lives of others. We connect in wonderful ways. It brings coaching clients and new friends from my community also. I have a lunch date coming up soon with another local coach that I just met through writing.

When you are feeling sad or lonely, get out and do something amazing. I remember, I had to go to court for something small and stupid. Afterwards, I was feeling bad because I never thought I would ever have to see the inside of a court room. Instead of going home, I stopped at a local rehab house and volunteered to work with the women as a mentor and help the pastor running the center with counseling for the women. That left him free to focus on the men. It turned into a challenging and fun endeavor where I mad many good friends. I also found I didn’t feel sad and lonely anymore.

I know where I live now there are so many things to do. We have beautiful parks; our town is the county seat for the art guild, there is community theater and so many non-profits who can always use a helping hand.

Once again, we are looking at being intentional in our lives. I have been talking a lot lately about living intentionally for success. It is the only way to build, be consistent, and reach any goal. Slow and steady wins the race. You live by your choices. Thinking that you are not choosing is still making a choice.

You can choose to sit on the couch with the chips and a Netflix marathon, or you can choose to do something that lifts your mood, connects you with other people and start to turn the axis of your world.

A ship on the ocean must have perfect navigation. You may think a little off kilter won’t be a big difference. But think of the ship. If it is 1% off course by the end of the journey, they can be hundreds of miles off course. The same is true of your life. Little things that do not seem to matter much right now will grow to lead you so far away from where you intended to be.

When it comes to building good things, this is also true. If you spend 30 minutes a day working on self-improvement, you will start to see benefits over time. At first, they will be small and almost unnoticeable, but after a couple of years, the results will start to show through as more confidence and a stronger sense of self and purpose.

Cutting out a couple of hundred calories a day and walking a couple thousand more steps a day will not show any results in the first 6-months to a year but how it builds up and develop after about the second you, there will be noticeable changes to your weight and even your physical condition. And now you have been doing this long enough that it is practically a habit. Something you do almost automatically. It was a small change, so you did not feel like you were sacrificing anything to do it.

Feeling sad and lonely is not a fun way to feel. I know, I have been there. But to find healthy, constructive ways to turn it around can make your life a peaceful place of joy and contentment. Remember to make intentional choices. Go out among people and smile and say hello to those passing by. She the lights turn on in people’s faces.

Have a beautiful weekend. Leave a comment. Let me know what topics you would like to read more.

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