Living Intentionally

I am very excited about my newest course. I know I am always writing new courses but that is because as women, and even more women entrepreneurs – we are spread so thin. How do you manage to find the time to get everything, or anything done?

I live very intentionally. That does not mean that I have this incredibly long to do list. I really don’t. And the best is I still have time for my family and myself.

Most people sleepwalk through life. One day after another are almost the same. Where is the fun and excitement in that?

  • We get up
  • Take care of the kids
  • go to work
  • come home
  • cook dinner
  • do the dishes
  • spend time with family
  • watch a little tv
  • go to bed
  • get up and do it again.
  • Everyday!

I know that when my life is coming to an end I want to look back and see that I loved my life, that I made an impact in the lives of others and I did make a difference in the world that I touched. I had to get off of the treadmill. I want a life of significance and meaning.

How does that sound to you? It is not hard to do; you must begin living your life instead of letting life dictate you. Being intentional and making smart intentional decisions, that snowball into the life you dreamed of, into success.

This is possible in every area of your life. From being successful in business to being successful in love.

I am getting ready to launch my 6-part series on living intentionally. I am currently taking pre-orders. Once the course of in full launch the price will be $997, but the pre-order at the great discount of $297 or two payments of $150 each. (That is 30% of the full price, and it won’t be offered long.)

These principles have transformed my life and those I have coached. I have taken all of that and put it in a 6-session course that you will be able to work at your own pace. Each week I will open up the next step in this wonderful transformation process. I am so excited to begin. Not only that but you will also get access me. We are going to share and talk and exchange. How does that sound to you?

If you wait you will have to pay the full $997 so please order now. $297

The first release will begin in the next few days. Once the full course is launched the price will go up.

Celebrate football season with me. We are going to create something wonderful. I am going to show you how to have an online presence, create a following, find your niche market and sell online courses in any area of interest.

This is real and through trial and error I have built the system that works for hundreds to create their dream business. And, build a life not restricted by time, money or location.

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